The Worst Mascara


I usually don’t comment on the products that I use because ….to each their own and everyone has their preferences for different products.  Also, everyone has a different skin type and certainchemical balance that works with certain products.  
Sure, looking beautiful is over rated thanks to our vast entertainment world.  We do it to ourselves though.  We continue to watch the shows/movies read the glossy magazines… but I to have bought into the fad diets…  I’ll can also admit that I’ve spent a lot of money to try to be my beautiful… I still spend money  to try to be my beautiful….ok fine, Maybe I don’t try AS hard now that I’m married and have a wonderful husband who loves me for me and not my makeup….

But I still try to be presentable.  

Especially in public.  I have horrible skin. I’ve had acne all my life and I can thank my mom for that, so I cover up a lot.  (Poor Alli, I already know she’s going to have bad skin like her parents, but I’m going to try my hardest to try to help her solve the problem rather than just covering it up like me).  I’ve scaled back a lot on the makeup because now I feel like less is more.  I try to enhance my natural features like my round cheeks and full lips and long eye lashes! 

Which brings me to the point of the blog… mascara.  I don’t have a favourite mascara even though I’ve tried many different brands.  When I have more money in my account I’ll splurge on the ‘expensive’ mascara $30+ and when we’re trying to save money ,like now that I’m in maternity leave and not making any money, I’ll get whatever appeals to me at the drug store.  

So I was at London Drugs (a western Canadian very local, one of my absolutely favourite, drug store) last week and looking for a new mascara.  I couldn’ve just bought what was working previously, but I like trying new things.  And I haven’t tried this brand of mascara before, Marcelle,  so I bought it.

Upon opening, I knew it wasn’t going to be great because the mascara was really thick and goopy… like it was really old…but then I put it on anyways because maybe that’s normal?  Well, its not normal because as I suspected, it clumps! And the worst part…. it smudges too!  So it checked all the worst things that no girl wants in a mascara! Hence, the worst mascara I’ve ever bought.  Not impressed at all… it took me another week to be able to go back out to get a new mascara one that has worked before.

Has anyone else used this brand of mascara? Have you have the same results as I did? This is going in the garbage! Although I should ask the drug store if I can get my money back….