Happy Retirement


I had lunch with a coworker last week and found out one of the general managers at my work was retiring.  I didn’t work with him that much, but we did cross paths and he was always kind to me.  

Today was his last day and they had a small gathering for him.  So I went I to work again to say my goodbyes and made him a card because he is a great man and will be missed.  It’s people like him that made a work place tolerable because he listened to you, no matter what position you held and he always remembered your name and the most important thing…he was kind to people and we all know we could all use more kindness in the world.

Happy Retirement Perry.

Finished Quilt!


So awhile back i told you about my quilting class and how the first class went, sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with my blogging, but heres the rest of the story…..I left off with a lot of strips that I had to sew together…. next I had to cut out all the grey strips that go between the pattern….


I had actually cut all the grey strips in the 1st class, so my homework was to sew everything together…and then you end up with this!


photo 1


The second class was all about laying out the quilt.  First you down the back fabric and tape it down to that it’s taught and centred.  Next, you lay the pre-cut batting (baby size for this quilt).  Last you lay the top piece down and pin it in place.

10527633_10154373791690562_7716090139152339398_n Pinning sure does take awhile, because you have to pin the whole quilt down.  Make sure you get through all three layers!  the trick we were taught was to pin in a circle from the middle so that if there was any creases you keep smoothing them outward. Now to the actual quilting!  we just had to quilt straight lines all up and down the quilt, which sounds easy, but can be tough because the quilt is big and bulky. Plus, you don’t start from top down, you have to start from the middle out…

photo 2

To ensure that I was quilting somewhat straight it used tape to join the corners.  I don’t really recommend to be honest.  When you have to roll the quilt to get through the machine some of the tape gets all stuck together or just falls off.  It was more of a hassle.  Although it did help guide me.  I think i’ll just use a piece of paper next time or tape as you go and not tape the whole quilt at the beginning….

Once you’ve done all that, you trim off all the edges.  One thing I learned is that it’s never going to be perfectly square not matter how hard you try at the beginning…and only quilters who have been quilting for years are able to quilt perfectly square.  I didn’t feel so bad since this is my first quilt.

in the last class, I trimmed my quilt, cut and made the binding and attached the binding.  With the binding, you sew on one side with the machine……..

photo 4


photo 5


Then on the other side you hand sew it  It’s a lot of work, but so worth it in the end because you end up with a beautiful quilt!



Now…….the hardest question to ask who to give it to…. 🙂

Edmund and Cathy’s Wedding


Our good friends Edmund and Cathy got hitched a couple weekends ago! Woo congrats to them!! So exciting! And what an amazing wedding they had! Everything was so beautiful! The details!

So on this momentous occasion I made them a wedding card 🙂 congrats to the lovely couple!



We had an axing time at the wedding! And the decorations were beautiful! They exchanged vows on the rooftop, pool side patio at the Pan Pacific

After our dinner we had a bit of fun too!! What a great night!!





Angelina’s Bridal Shower


It’s definitely been a special weekend! Because today I’m at a Bridal Shower for Angelina! She and Minh, her fiancé, are getting married in October in Dana Point, Cali! Kent and I can’t wait to go to the wedding! But Angelina grew up in the metro Vancouver so she came all the way home to have her bridal shower with her girlfriends!

I had to make her an amazing card for this special day! I love the Established Elegance stamp set from stampin up… And even though I’m not a demonstrator for them anymore I still love their products!



And here I am with he beautiful bride!!


My Kobo sewing project


Funny how I JUST made a bookmark for myself..that I go out and buy a kobo! LOL It was on sale at Chapters a few weeks ago…and to be honest.. I’m out of room for storing books….. and I LOVE THE KOBO!!!  So of course I had to make my own cover for it! 🙂  So I followed this lovely blog tutorial : Mommy by day Crafter by Night

and this is what I made……

IMG_2834 IMG_2835 IMG_2836 IMG_2838

I was actually able to sew around the outline of the tea pot!! 🙂