The Radleys


I started this book sometime last year and was reading it on and off until I finally finished the rest of the book last night.  

I bought this book at Costco because it’s a great place to get some top selling books for a good price.  I have a slight facination with vampires so when I read the synopsis and it was about a vampire family I was intrigued.  

I must say, this isn’t your typical vampire book.  It’s definitely not a twilight type of series either. (Side note, I only read the twilight series because of its popularity, not because it was an ‘amazing’ read because it wasn’t).  So it’s definitely different in that aspect.  

I usually read for pure entertainment, as do most people I would assume?  If a book doesn’t grab my attention in he first few chapters, I don’t go back to it.  This book doesn’t have traditional chapters, but people’s perspectives.  It did take a while for me to get into the book, but I stuck it out and halfway through I couldn’t put it down.

The book is basically about a family of vampires, but the mom and dad has never told their teenage kids that they’re vampires.  So by abstaining from blood, the family gets these weird depression like symptoms.  

One night the daughter is at a party and an incident happens where the secret is revealed.  They bring in a wild brother in law, who is in love with the wife and the rest of book is basically about protecting the daughter and their secret, but also discovering what it means to be a vampire etc.

The storyline is intriguing and eventually draws you into don’t give up too fast if you decide to read it.  The author has a sense of humour, but I don’t always follow it (maybe because it’s British humour? And I’m not British?) and I’m not going to lie, I did skim some of the areas where I thought the information wasn’t nesseccary to tell a good story. I tend to do this a lot and I don’t find that miss anything important in the story and makes my reading experience better because I’m not bored!

It’s a light read and offers a different type of vampire plot line.  So for people who are die hard traditional vampire book lovers, maybe this isn’t for you…. but if you’re looking for a light fun read, give it a try.  It’s not all about vampirism.  It’s about family and sticking together, with a weird twist and secrets.

I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars because it wasn’t amazing, but I did really enjoy the second half of the book so it didn’t bomb either.