Hi!  Thanks for visiting.  My name is Sylvia and I’m from beautiful British Columbia, New Westminster to be exact.  My husband Kent and I met back in 2009 and on September 08, 2012 we got hitched in front of all our friends and family.

I used to have a crafting blog (specifically paper crafting), but have since moved over to this one (along with all my old posts too).  I’ve realized I don’t just want to document my crafting, but my life as Mrs. A.  I’ve realized that there’s a lot of things I’ve yet to discover about myself and things that are new and exciting too.  I like to share my thoughts, opinions and life stories because maybe one day I can look back and remember….

On November 10, 2016 I became a mother!  I’m not going to lie, and all parents already know this, parenting is HARD!  Sure there are good days and bad days but it does not make it easy.  So a lot of my posts will probably revolve around parenthood, motherhood and everything in between!

So here goes…the adventures of my life…

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