The Big Question


Q: “So, are you guys going to try for another one soon?”

A: At this moment in time? NO.  Are you kidding me? I still remember the pain.  I’m still going through the emotions of taking care of one baby now you’re asking me about two?  Did you also forget we have a very high energy dog?  Who did just throw up today and may be extra bummed about it.  So, No, we’re not thinking about having a second one anytime soon.  At least I’m not, and umm right now my brain is saying hell no, my body says rest and my heart looks at my little baby girl and cries a thousand tears because she’s so darn cute and amazing!  So wouldn’t baby number 2 be just as cute and amazing?  No….it’s a lottery.  I’ll love my child regardless, but Alli is a great baby and what if number 2 is uber difficult? No..can’t do it right now. I just can’t.


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