Cranberry Orange Muffins


Last week I was craving muffins, and since I just bought a big bag of crasins (dried cranberries), I searched the internet for a good recipe.  I didn’t have to search very far before I ended up on the Glorious Treats website and used their muffin recipe, which is easy to follow and sounded delicious.

I thought I had all the ingredients and was really excited to bake, but then realized I didn’t have any baking powder!  I went out the next day to get some, but did not have time or the energy to bake until this rainy Sunday afternoon.  Being a mom certainly zaps the energy out of you sometimes and my baby isn’t even moving that much yet lol.

I didn’t add a couple of the ingredients, like the oil and ginger, and the muffins still came out great!  Actually, I didn’t have ginger and I forgot the oil haha!  But my husband and I still enjoyed them ā˜ŗ


3 thoughts on “Cranberry Orange Muffins

  1. Hi Mrs. A.
    I would like to let you know that you’re one of the few that I have decided to put on my list for the “Blogger Recognition Award” because of the great things that you do in the blogosphere.

    Here’s the link to it if you’d like to check it out:

    I know that some people have an “award-free blog” or are just too busy to do these things and I understand completely if you decide not to participate. I just want share this as a gesture of my appreciation.

    More power to you! Those muffins look delectable!

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