Anyone Who Had A Heart…


Did you know that millions of products we buy has palm oil in it? Did you know that because palm oil is so cheap that it’s all manufacturers want to use, even though there may be better options? Indonesians are constantly destroying their forests to plant more palms and animals are dying because of the fires or killings or they do not have a home anymore. We need to try harder to make the changes. I know I don’t try hard enough…..and we need to try harder because if we all made small changes, it can equal to be a massive change.

A mother orangutan with her little baby clinging to her approached a village in Borneo. She was looking for food her her baby as her home had been encroached on first by the villagers and then stripped bare by palm oil companies.


A group of villagers spotted her, began throwing rocks at her and beating her with sticks.

A male orang nearby saw what was happening and tried to defend the already weakened and possibly already injured mother. He was chased away.

The villagers continued to beat the mother until she fainted. Then they tied her with ropes and tried to pull her daughter away. She rallied for a moment and tried to rescue her baby so the villagers dragged her to a pool of water and submerged her head until she passed out.

Then they threw her into a cage.

They tossed the baby in with her.

She was…

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5 thoughts on “Anyone Who Had A Heart…

  1. Yikes… these issues take EDUCATION. The locals just see short term survival, not the long term. We can judge all we want here in our ivory towers but I can appreciate the struggles they have there. It’s terrible. That said. I will check if I have any products with palm oil – I don’t believe so because it’s not a good quality oil.

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