The Simple Things



I want to Thank Confessions of a Reborn Girl for posting tips on blogging so that I could make the image seen above on  Even though I’ve been blogging on an off for a number of years, I never really took the time to figure IT all out in the blogging world.  I like that I’m still constantly learning new things so that blogging stays fresh to me.  Hopefully I’ll be posting nicer graphics on here then. 

The website is really easy to use and you can quickly edit and create images.  For a small amount of money there are other images you can purchase too.  Funny how this simple website can make things in life easier for bloggers, social media posts, presentations etc etc…

People like pretty pictures and nice words to read.  So simple, but they can make such an impact.

What are some simple things that make your life a little easier?  



6 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. What a useful site!
    Hmm a spreadsheet makes my life a lot easier! I track a lot of stuff on it. Just recently we started to track what we bought for our family for Christmas so we don’t buy them the same things year after year! 😛

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