Like every new mom needs a plant to kill…..


As a new mom, I appreciated this post. However, even though I don’t have the time to clean my house…I feel awful asking someone else do it too… I would appreciate if people visited more… or sent me a cleaning lady! LOL that I wouldn’t mind so much… there’s a difference with a stranger cleaning my house than a friend or relative….. is that weird??

Bee Organized with Pamela

My sister is pregnant we will be welcoming the newest member of the hive very soon.   She moved almost 1000 miles away from home and I am 2000 miles away from her. She has made me aware of some of the crazy things new parents have to think about when you don’t have family around.

house plant photo-1447126343916-cf2ad9676ede.jpg

According to sis, don’t send a new mom a plant. She has just brought home a new addition that is totally helpless and dependent upon her. She needs to focus on keeping the newborn fed, burped, diapered and hope that she can sneak in a shower. That plant is going to die a slow painful death.

What she does need is to for you offer to run a few errands. If you are dropping off meal call to see if she might need toilet paper, soap, dog food or kitty litter. Before you head over, call…

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