New Years resolutions…and etc..


Now that I’ve had a couple of nights of decent rest I can think about my new years resolutions.  Sure, I’m a few days late… ok more than a few days, but I had to think about it since I gave up on resolutions. Why, you ask?  Well, I make them and I never hold myself accountable to them.  I get lazy, I give up, or I set unachievable goals for myself (ie. be perfect in every way possible).

Maybe it’ll be different this year… maybe now that I’m a mom and I need to be accountable to my child and I’ll be willing to stick it out.  Maybe I need to prove that I am strong, or it will go the opposite way and I’ll use my child as an excuse and forget about my resolutions again.  Regardless, lets set a few goals for the year, and maybe I’ll remember to reflect on them 12 months from now..

1.Be the Best mom I can be for Allanie.

Don’t misunderstand this goal.  I wrote it in a way that I can only be Allanie’s version of best mom.  I’m not trying to be THE BEST MOM in the whole entire world.  There are other moms out there who are literally SUPER moms who can do everything.  I just want to be the best mom to my daughter.  To do my best to raise her and lets be honest, she’s only 8.5 weeks, I still need to do my best to keep her alive.  You may think that’s a cheeky statement, but I’m being brutally honest here.  This morning, as I’m scrolling through my ‘junk’ emails and come upon this information from Kidfolio:screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-8-51-06-amOk, seriously? You send a first time new mom who has enough to worry about THIS warning at 8.5 weeks?? JUST when I thought I was getting the hang of things because my baby can sleep well at night URGH! the 2-3 month mark is the most dangerous?  I mean I appreciate the warning and all…but still… GOING BONKERS WORRIED HERE!

2.Be a healthier version of myself

Notice that I didn’t say lose X pounds, or cut out all sugar, or work out 3x a week every week for 52 weeks! (pft, seriously, for those of you who can actually do this, you’re either one of the super moms I talked about above, or you’re not a mom at all :P).  Sure, when Alli is napping I can pop in one of my DVDs and sweat it out..OR I can brush my teeth, and wash up for the morning, OR I can do the laundry that needs to be done, OR I can clean the bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned in X days…..(I’m not disclosing this date because I don’t wan’t you to judge me)  So really, WHO HAS TIME TO WORK OUT?  With that said.. I will TRY to get out more and move more… before I was pregnant I was walking an average of 13,000-15,000 steps a day ….that’s because we have a dog who’s super energetic, but right now with baby in tow and icy sidewalks it’s pretty hard to even hit 5,000 steps every day 😦

I do need to eat, I have to eat, I love food, food hates me because all the food that I love is in the carbohydrate category, and apparently carbohydrate hates me because it usually has a TONE of calories!  So to be healthier, I can try to cut back a little, or eat whole wheats blah blah blah…. I will try I really will..We’ve already cut back on the chocolate, eating more fruits, cook at home more..that reminds me.. I need to cook something healthy for dinner tonight….

3.Watch less TV

I know sounds easy right? NOT. I love my television shows, so even watching an hour less tv a day is a bonus.  Man I sound like a couch potato.  I guess if I watched less tv, I could work out more right? hehehe…


Ok so those are my top 3 goals for the year….hopefully I can remember to reflect back on them from time to time to see how I’ve improved.  I think I can achieve the first goal because Alli’s and myself are the only judges.  And really, unless I have a super genius child, she isn’t going to be talking too much.  So if she gives me lots of giggles and smiles I’m going to assume thats a success.

What are your New Years resolutions?



4 thoughts on “New Years resolutions…and etc..

  1. I can’t imagine all the “what-ifs” that go through a new mom’s head… never mind being sleep deprived and experiencing hormonal fluctuations! That SIDS email is so NOT. COOL.

    Funny, my SO and I have vowed to watch more TV. I typically don’t even watch more than a couple of hours per week. We have so many backlogged movies and TV series to watch! And now we just got Netflix to add to the pressure of it all… This weekend we managed 5 hours! 😆

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    • That email! Made me doubt myself all over again at two months! Seriously right?

      Haha… 5 hours is nothing! 🤣 when Alli was first born which is really only 8.5 weeks ago.. I started watching this series that had 9 seasons… I literally finished season 8 at baby’s week 6…… I had to take a break from season 9 hahaha… each season has about 22 episodes and about 50 mins long.. that’s A LOT of tv in a short amount of time lol. My cousin started watching the show a few months ago and she’s only on season 6! I really shouldn’t be proud of this… hence… watch less tv! Lol


  2. I can tell that you’ll do great.
    I know it’s really hard to find time for yourself, I was a single mom for a long time and it’s hard to juggle a fulltime job and volunteering at school and taking them to their extra-curriculars. Well, I learned the hard way, I placed myself last and let myself go. Please do not let that happen to you.
    Happy 2017!

    Oh, BTW, I love my shows too just like you, but now my treadmill and my exercise ball and dumbbells are in front of the TV. 😉

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