I live on the west coast.  Here in the Lower Mainland, Metro Vancouver area, of British Columbia, we don’t get much snow.  In fact the last time I remember having this much snow was back in 2008, eight years ago!  Even then I didn’t think it was this bad… but this winter it’s bad!

Sure it looks pretty… of course it’s beautiful, it’s nature… but this white stuff does not agree with the lower mainland because we’re not prepared for it!  We don’t have enough snow plows or salt to keep the roads clear…

People are literally putting on their skates and skating on the roads in some areas! Ha!  Look it up! I swear!  I’m too cold to venture outside this week and it’s the sidewalks are super icy too.  It’s just too cold and dangerous to be outside with a 7.5 week old baby unless it’s absolutely necessary ….

Here are some photos I’ve taken inside from my window looking outside…

The mountain of snow literally outside my doorway.. 😓


5 thoughts on “Snow-agedon! 

  1. I love it when snow clings onto bare tree branches! So pretty, especially with blue skies and the sun shining! We’ve had snow but lot of grey skies and lack of sun! Our snow turns into brown slush… this is what we get for living in Toronto! 😛

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    • It is pretty… BUT……Take it… take it all… I rather have our rainy cloudy wet Vancouver winters… 😓 I feel like a prisoner at home some days because it’s so icy I can’t really go for walks with baby and the dog… 😪 and I don’t really want to drive to the mall…


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