Alli’s First Santa Photo


Since Alli is so young, we didn’t know if we really wanted to take Santa photos this year, however, in the end I wanted a photo because it is technically her first Christmas, and you only get one first Christmas photo with Santa!  Also, I’m scrapbooking her baby book and we need a first christmas santa photo in there!

For convenience, there’s small shopping centre literally 2 blocks from our house called Royal City Centre.  Their Santa looked pretty good, but it was expensive, $20 for an email photo.  We decided to go there since it was so close by and we didn’t want to go line up at the other malls..nor did we want to bundle up to go to other malls.

So last night we walked over to Royal Centre, we go there just in time because they close at 7 and they closed the line pretty quickly once we got there.  I thought the Santa looked great, but he was a bit grumpy and didn’t even smile in our photo!  Another complaint I had was that the photographer DID NOT count down to take the photo…but I felt so rushed and I didn’t want to complain and make a we just picked the best photo and left.

It didn’t turn out THAT bad..but it would’ve been nice if Santa smiled!



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