Our Baby Story


Exactly 6 weeks ago today, I gave birth to our little baby girl.  Here’s our labour story….

I had decided to take 2 whole weeks off to ‘nest’ before baby Adamson arrived.  My last day of work was supposed to be Thursday November 10, but since I had finished cleaning up my desk and tying up loose ends early, I decided Wednesday November 9, 2016 was my last day of work.  That night my coworkers and I went out to celebrate and commemorate another coworker that we had lost 6 months ago.  We wanted to get together to celebrate his life, and to remember him.  It was a bitter sweet night as it was my last day of work, but it was also a time to remember someone we had lost to soon.

Since I was out with my coworkers Kent had decided to go back to work until the wee hours of the morning so that he can stay home with me Thursday.  My coworkers dropped me off around 9pm, I watched a bit of tv, and got ready for bed.  I woke up around 1:30am thinking I had peed my pants.  I did drink a lot of water at dinner and I knew that controlling my bladder may become an issue, but I never thought that I would pee my pants in bed. I got up, cleaned myself up and went back to bed…5 minutes later, I had another gush of water, went to the bathroom again to clean myself up and this time getting a little frustrated because I had just went to the bathroom!  This time, I noticed a little bit of pink.

I’ve read that during the later part of a pregnancy, the mucus plug will dislodge and that one may notice a bit of pink in their urine.  It was around 1:30, so I thought I’d message Kent and see how he was doing.  I told him I thought my mucus plug was dislodged, and that could mean baby could be coming soon. I told him I was fine, I felt ok and that I was tired and going to go back to sleep.  Since he thought I was fine, he went back to work and decided to ignore his phone for a little bit.

Another 5-10 minutes go by and I felt another gush of liquid.  Ok..this is just getting weird now.  So I started googling mucus plug and what’s supposed to happen, and gushing water…and it lead me to this mom forum about your water breaking..and it’s not always like the movies and tv shows where there’s this massive breakage of water.  It could be small gushes of water…which lead me to think..”HOLY MOLY I THINK MY WATER BROKE!”

I call Kent to tell him what I think had happened and that it might not be my mucus plug dislodging, but that it was my water breaking….BUT HE DOESN’T PICK UP HIS PHONE! I call and call, and I’m madly messaging him, but NOTHING….silence. I start panicking…

I call the hospital to talk to a nurse, and ask if she knows if my water broke, but they said they can’t be sure until they’ve tested it.  That I should come down to the hospital, but my husbands at work!  I asked her if she thought I could drive since I don’t have contractions.  She left that decision up to me… Well.. I only live 5 minutes away from the hospital and it’s now almost 2 in the morning, there aren’t any cars around, so I drove to the hospital myself.

I check myself in, and as I’m heading up to the maternity ward to get checked out, KENT FINALLY CALLS ME!  I basically said, “get your ass to the hospital now, my water broke.”

As I’m waiting in the temporary beds area, Kent arrives, I’m hooked up to monitors to check the baby and I’m notified that yes, my water did break and the baby is healthy, but since I didn’t have contractions yet, the nurses sent me home.  They told me that if I don’t get contractions within 12 hours, then I had to come back to the hospital and may be induced.

So we go home..and wait..the 12 hour mark would be 1:30pm, my midwife comes around 12:30pm to check up on me.  She gave me the option of either going into the hospital to be induced, or I can try a home remedy that has proven to work on many women to start contractions.  We discussed the options and in the end, I decided to try the remedy and if that didn’t work, then yes, we would go to the hospital to be induced.

Kent went out to get the ingredients, and by the time all was said and done, I drink the remedy around 2pm….2:30 contractions start AND THEY ARE INTENSE! The first contraction I had dropped me on all fours… Kent helped me to the couch after and I started to count my contractions..well an App counted, i just clicked start and finish…. Good thing these have an average time as well.  Generally, if you get contractions that are 4 minutes apart, lasts for a minute, for an hour (411) then you go to the hospital/call your midwife.  mine weren’t exactly like that, but the time between was steadily dropping and it was averaging 4 min…

Regardless, I didn’t know if my contractions were sporadic or not, but we felt it was safer to call the midwife and have her come back to the house.  Good thing we called! 15 min. later she arrives and my contractions are definitely intense and hurting..by the time i was able to get onto the ground to be checked out….. I was 9cm dilated and needed to be at the hospital asap! Good thing we lived so close to the hospital!  Before I got into the car though.. my midwife said..”Sylvia, no matter what you feel…do not push!”  ok…….. I can’t really sit..so I had to kinda prop myself up as best as I can…while trying to breathe though contractions and trying very hard not to freak out.

Of course by the time we leave the house it’s around 3:30…the beginning of rush hour!  We get stuck behind a bus and it seems like forever until we reached the hospital.  When we finally arrive, a wheelchair is brought out and I can’t sit-down, so I’m kneeling on the wheelchair as my midwife pushes me towards the delivery room…

The next part is all about the pushing, and pain and me saying to Kent..”This is it, we’re only have one kid, this hurts A LOT, I don’t want to do this…make it stop…..I guess it’s too late for drugs….I don’t want to push anymore…..etc etc…” Kent stayed calm and was being super supportive and stayed by my side being the awesome husband that he is.

The last bit of pushing though..i must say.. I remember her head coming out…and my midwife saying her heads out…one more big push Sylvia! and me saying…I’m not done? I can’t…but before I even finish, my body gives one more big push and I can feel her popping out of! it was the weirdest feeling in the world….and that was at 4:55pm… our baby girl is born…and she’s placed on my chest and I just start to cry because it was one of the hardest things I had to do and I’m still in awe that we created a human being.

Introducing…Allanie Kate….



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