You know as kids, we grow up learning we shouldn’t talk to strangers.  As young adults, we’re fearless and just ignore everyone.  As adults, we’re weary of what strangers want with us when they approach because we’re always hearing horror stories in the news about bad things happening….but sometimes a stranger just needs help.  They just need some directions because they’re lost…

Interesting thing happened tonight.  Since I’ve been pregnant it’s been harder to walk Charlie everyday.  I get tired easily and I just don’t have the energy.  My husband has been doing most of the walking, but he’s been super busy himself this weekend and doing a lot of the chores and has a very demanding job too so I thought I can try walking Charlie more on the nights that I can.

I came home today with some extra energy and thought I could use a good walk with Charlie tonight.  So I had a quick dinner and went walking right after, especially since it’s that time of the year when it’s getting late.

Near the end of my walk, as I’m crossing the street listening to my podcasts, I hear someone yelling ‘excuse me! Excuse me! I pause, turn around and this young girl is running after me.  

Before I can even ask her what’s wrong she’s on the brink of tears saying: Please can you help me? I’m not from here, I’m lost, I don’t know where I am, my friends gave me address and I’m from Brazil and I can’t find her apartment and I’m scared, please can you help me? I don’t know where I am.

Me: it’s ok, I’ll help you find the apartment, what’s her address?  

Girl: I think I have the wrong address, I called her and she said she doesn’t know where I am because I told her I see yellow houses.

Me: it’s ok we’ll find you’re friends house.  Do you have the address? Show me and maybe we can start there and figure out where your friend lives

She scrolls through her phone, and shows me the address.  I had a hunch it was in Vancouver, but there is the same street name in New Westminster too.  So she must’ve not realized that when she looked up directions she accidentally searched for New Westminster City instead of Vancouver.

Me: oh sweetie, Your friend lives in Vancouver doesn’t she?

Girl: yes I think so, I’m from north Vancouver I travelled 1.5 hours already! iPhone maps says she’s 30 min by car away! I don’t know how to get to her now.  Where am I? 

Me: you’re in New Westminster.  Two cities away and yes, pretty far away from your friend.  It’s ok.  Did you drive? Take transit?

Girl: no, I didn’t drive. I took transit.

Me: ok let’s get you nearest skytrain station because that’ll get you back to Vancouver and then you can take the bus to your friends place.

Girl: thank you thank you! I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t help me!  I asked another lady and she was so mean.  She wouldn’t help me and just said ahe couldn’t do anything for me.

Me: it’s ok. You’re just lost and I’m just giving directions. 

Her data was going wonky so, I took out my phone and showed her the transit route she needed to take to get to her friends.  In the end, her friend called and said she’ll pick her up at a skytrain station once she arrived back in Vancouver.  So I pointed her down the right street…

Me: walk down this hill about 15 min.  Don’t think you’re lost, because you’re going to walk through a park, and then there will be a. If road, cross the street and go down the steep hill.  The station is close to the water so keep walking until you see it ok?  Don’t worry this street will take you ther ok?

Girl: ok! Thank you so much! I don’t k ow what I’d do if you didn’t help me!

Me: oh don’t worry. I hope you get to your friends house safely!

And we parted ways and I went home.  I always believe that everything happens for a reason and tonight I had the energy to walk Charlie and to help a stranger from Brazil find her way to a skytrain station to get to her friends house in Vancouver.  I hope she makes it safely back to Vancouver and finds her way.

So, now that I’m starting my journey into parenthood, I do have more of an urge to help people.  Because I keep on thinking if that was my daughter, I would like someone to help her find her way and not feel scared and alone in a city she’s never even heard of.

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Strangers

  1. I commend you Mrs A and yes have to ‘semi scold’ you… Lol. It’s so darn difficult these days knowing if you SHOULD help a stranger. With all that we hear, she very easily could have been someone bad, but I’m glad she wasn’t. SHE was lucky you were willing to help, and yes had the energy! Be safe, glad you did have Charlie there too. And I commend you for helping, as you said, that could be your daughter some day!!

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    • Thanks Laura! I did forget to mention in my blog that the first thought I had was to ignore and run… but there was something in her voice that made me pause and listen and sensing her distressed voice and brimming tears… made me stop and listen and help.. and yes it may have been different if Charlie wasn’t there either. I do feel safer with him beside me on walks.

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