Prenatal Class


My husband and I attended an all day prenatal class today and I’m not going to lie, it was a long day.  When I told a few of my coworkers and friends that I’ve signed up, those who were parents, they said “Sylvia you don’t really need it, you can find all that information online or you’ll forget everything.”  I still signed up because I didn’t think it would hurt to go.  It costs $140 for the 9am-4pm class. 

I don’t want to say I regret going because I did learn some things, however, I don’t think it needed to be the full 6 hours (we had a few breaks) of classroom information.  The instructor was very nice and it was informative, especially the Facts about labour… But I think half the other narratives can be cut out…

We also went home with a book of information that we now should read through…. It was an experience I guess, I just wished it didn’t take up most of my day!


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