Spoiled Baby


So yesterday I showed you guys the party favours that I made for all my guests to the baby shower.  Today, I’m going to share some of the wonderful pictures of my guests and some of the gifts that they have given me!  First of all….I want to thank my cousin Ellen again for hosting a very successful baby shower 🙂  I also want to thank Kent’s best friend Brian who took all the photos below for us!


We started the afternoon off with eating a lot of food, veggies and hummus, chips and salsa, banh mi (vietnamese subs, which I also call namwiches), spanakopitas, pizza bagel bites, salad, croissant sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, creme caramel, and danishes! yum yum!


That’s my mother in law at the end of the table 🙂  She made delicious cupcakes, which everyone raved about, and coconut oatmeal cookies (my all time favourite cookies).  Not only did she bake, my mother in law and sister in law and friend in tow, came early to help set up because my cousin had her little guy to take care of and couldn’t come early enough.  They helped me set up, chop veggies, put food out, helped Ellen host the party and boil water for tea, and in the end also helped wash dishes and clean up!  What an amazing family I have 🙂

We played the “guess how big my belly is” game with some string and my coworker Amber was the winner! She got a box of yummy David’s Tea.  Another coworker of mine pulled enough string to double my belly! lol that was pretty funny though.


Time for some presents!


Kent’s Aunt Marlene knitted baby Adamson a beautiful pink dress.  She has unbelievable knitting skills! All I can knit are scarves and blankets!  I need to start taking more knitting lessons.


My sister in law, Claire go us receiving blankets and a beautiful sheep mobile for the baby.


This is my excited reaction opening my mother in laws gift of hand knit booties in various sizes!  They’re so cute!  Maybe I’ll take some more photos and show you guys all up close and personal some of the great gifts we got!


If you can read the bib in right hand, it says “My Aunt is Hot and Single” LOL my Father in law picked that out for baby Adamson, as my Sister in Law is pretending not to be embarrassed in the background and she’s typing out all the gifts i received.  In my left hand, it’s a sweater and toque and my mother in law knitted for baby, with matching booties! oh and the Playard will come in SUPER handy 🙂


Another amazing handmade crochet gift is from mom’s friend Margaret.  What a beautiful baby blanket! I’m absolutely amazed and awed at how beautiful this blanket is.  Baby Adamson will be nice and warm this winter and many winters to come!


I work with these wonderful women in the above photo and together they got me a whole bunch of little things that I’m so excited to use when baby comes!  Is it weird that I’m super excited about the skip hop stroller organizer? I can’t wait to take the baby out and put a bottle of water or Starbucks cup in it because it’s all about the accessories!  I mean it’s all about the baby 🙂


Here’s Brian, our photographer, his beautiful wife Eva and daughter Rachel.  They got us something that I know I’ll be using for winters to come, a humidifier! Yes this is the second ‘sheep’ item I received.  I did think about a ‘sheep’ theme, but it was really just a cute baby animal that I like.


I really wanted to show everyone this great present that my awesome friend Laurie put together for me, which is a diaper cupcake!  She decided to make this for me because a number of years ago we built our first diaper cake together for a friend’s baby, which was quite an experience and super fun.  It actually turned out really good, at least we thought so 🙂 The cupcake is amazing and she’s so creative and thoughtful for making it for me.

Here’s a closer look at it, but I’ve opened it because she had a bunch of goodies stuffed inside it so the wrap is gone and the cupcake is a bit lopsided now… and the photo isn’t great because it was taken from my phone and not on Brian’s fancy camera.

After presents,  we played another game that Ellen had planned, which was matching the name of the baby animals to the actual animal.  I royally sucked because I only got 8 right.  Megan, one of my family friends daughter, got 18 out of 20 right!! That’s amazing!  The public school system has not let us down and I feel like I need to go back to school to learn these things lol.


I didn’t post all photos as there were over 50, but I just wanted to say what a wonderful baby shower! Kent and I are so grateful for all the gifts and baby Adamson will sure be one spoiled little baby girl!

Until Next time!

Mrs. A




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