Maternity Clothes


So my cousin was pregnant in 2014 and had baby H on Dec.31 2014.  So when I became pregnant spring of this year, I borrowed a lot of her maternity clothes.  Lucky me I’m only a teeny bit more curvy than she is and didn’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe and fit most of her stuff. 

But I do love to shop, and still bought a few things.  One of the many things I didn’t buy were maternity dress pants… Well until today.  This morning when I got up to get dressed I didn’t realize that I may have outgrown a pair of dress pants until I was at work… Constantly pulling up my pants!

It was quite embarrassing actually because 

  1. I didn’t realize that I’ve actually outgrown pants….and am horrified at myself and that even though I know it’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy it really messes with my mind and body image issues.  I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my body and weight and I know people know what I’m talking about… Struggle is real… But since I’m pregnant I’m not supposed to be worried about it… But I am and it sucks and it’s embarrassing that I should care this much about my body image issues when I’m growing another human being in my body!
  2. This happened at work where every step I take is uncomfortable because I feel like I have to hold up my pants due to the fact that since I’ve out grown my pants they want to slide down my butt…..and probably walking funny as I’m trying to hold my thighs tight together to keep them falling further….
  3. Did I mention I was constantly pulling my pants up?!?

Thank goodness I work close to a mall and went there during my lunch break and bought a new pair of maternity pants.  And thank goodness that good ol’ Old Navy was having a 40% off sale on….. Drum Roll please…. Maternity Pants!!!!!   What great timing and they were polka dot pixie cut so they matched my style and I didn’t have to hem them


5 thoughts on “Maternity Clothes

  1. Aw, it’s normal to feel self conscious. Your body is changing and it’s out of your control. But um, you’re pregnant, baby needs room to grow in there!
    I’m glad you found a great deal on maternity pants. The print is so cute!

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  2. OMGosh! Congrats luv! I know I haven’t visited in a while, but I didn’t realize you were expecting. When is the baby due? Are you excited! I know this can be a really difficult transitional time, where you feel torn between feelings about your body, hubby and baby, but hang in there. We all make it through 🙂

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