What happens in a year


Wow a lot of things can happen in a year. And I didn’t realize that it had been just over a year since my last post.

Last time I wrote something was about our house electrical upgrade.  Well it happened!  We upgraded all the wires and the house is safe.  It took three times as long as they had quoted us to get the job done.  But they did do a good job.  Sad part is, we found out the electrical company we used went out of business.  Our electrician was great, but I guess his boss wasn’t much of a business man though.

Moving along….Let’s see… Last October some of my coworkers and I dressed up like dominos….not sure if we can find another easy group costume to pull off this year…

Christmas was quiet at home…and I put up a tree, garland on the stairs and decorated the fireplace of our new house.   It was cozy:). I also got a wreath for the door but can’t find a picture to post now…To maximize my Christmas decorations and because I love Christmas and the decorations because it’s so feastive, I started decorating the first week of November lol!  And it looks simple, but it’s still a lot of work to pull out the decorations and put them up.  This year we’re going to try and put some lights up outside the house too.

We had a small gathering of family and friends for New Year’s Eve as a house warming, but it wasn’t really a New Year’s Eve party because no one made it past 12 lol.

The New Year was hectic at work as a lot of things were changing… We got a new manager, I took on a lot of respinsibilities…. And hubby was finishing up is MBA….

Once he finished his MBA program in April we travelled to South Korea and Japan for 3 weeks ☺️✌️🇰🇷 🇯🇵

On the day I got back to work, May 12…my coworkers and I found out that we lost a young colleague unexpectedly the night before….. And we’re still grieving from it because he was not only a colleague he was our friend and we’re all still trying to cope without him because he was such a valued member of our team.  We miss him dearly….

Kent’s convocation was in June  And I’m so proud of him for working so hard for 20 months to get his MBA! It’s hard work and it was trying, but we both got through it as it was worth it. 

Charlie had lots of play dates and outings this summer and very happy as usual 

We got some patio lights for the yard ☺️ and we love them!  Now if only mosquitos didn’t exist….. I would be outside in the evening all summer long!  Yes that’s a hot tub you see, but it doesn’t work and we need to get rid of it.  It’s also a pain to maintain!

Summer went by very fast…..and I’ve been slowly and surely gaining a bit of weight…. Because fast  forward to today…..I’m 29.5 weeks pregnant!!  We’re growing our little family 😁 and super excited to meet baby Adamson!

Well… Until next time!  Let’s hope it’s not another year ☺️


4 thoughts on “What happens in a year

  1. Awesome life update!! Congrats to your hubs on finishing his MBA!
    And I also went to Japan this year. South Korea is on our to visit list.
    And yesssss, I know, just knew, that you were expecting! I had a hunch. Congrats to you both!!!
    Thanks for the update! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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