Proving people wrong 


Don’t Give Up Ever! What an amazing post by an amazing woman!

The Mum on the Run

In grade 1 I got kicked out of music class playing musical chairs, so I started my own. The teacher told me off and slapped my hand and told me to sit down.

When I was in grade 3, my teacher made fun of me for always having my mouth open. He told me I daydreamed too much and that I wouldn’t amount to anything because of it.
In grade 5, my teacher told me I had a learning disability and made me sit countless tests. I asked her for help on how to tell the time, and she told me if I didn’t understand it now I never would and I’ll never forget her words, she said “you’re beyond help”.

In year 7, I still couldn’t tell the time, and a lovely girl Elizabeth taught me it. Some girls laughed at me while she was explaining it and called…

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