Just Stick to The Plan


Our plan for the new house has always been to update the electrical wiring in the house.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, 90% of the house is aluminum wiring and the chances of these wires causing fire is way higher than copper.  

We know it’s going to be a lot of work, and it’s going to be expensive.  It’s also going to be messy because the electrician is going to be cutting holes into the wall to pull all the wiring through and then the walls need to patched, which will then need mud and sanding…oh and no we still haven’t received a quote from the electrician yet… Maybe today will be the day.  They need to start as soon as we get possession which is at the end of the month… Yes that’s only 10 days only days away….

I called a family friend yesterday because he does renovations and we were going to ask him to help us patch up all the holes the electrician makes and paint the house.  Kent and I just don’t have the time to do it and we trust this man, he’s helped us with other renovations projects in my chicldhood home.  He’s also watched me grow up so my family has known him a long time.

But as I’m talking to him and breaking down the timelines I start to get even more worried because he mentions that old houses will probably have ‘plastor/cement’ walls? And if electricians aren’t careful they can crack the wall… And do we really need to update the wiring?  It’s actually livable with aluminum, the risk is minimal and we just need to update the panel etc..

But then my brain asks, is it really minimal???

He goes on to ask ‘When are you moving’?

Second week of September, it’s the only weekend we’re available.

Oh well I won’t be able to finish the painting and patching by then… 

That’s ok because we planned on living in a bit of construction because Kent won’t have time to move later, he starts school again the following week.

But everything will be dusty, there’s lots of cleaning, all your stuff will be dusty and it’s easier to paint without all your stuff around…

Oh well…..can you still help then?  Maybe I’ll see if we can move a bit later… But we’ve booked everything….

Oh ya sure, I can still help as long as you guys are ok and don’t care about all the dust…

Anyways the conversation ends soon after this.  I’m already anxious and now My mind has basically exploded!!! Yup brain parts all over and I’ve gone ballistic on Kent…

So when Kent came home I’m going bonkers and asking a million questions assuming he’ll have an answer… And of course he doesn’t, he’s not in construction but he knows bits and pieces.  Regardless, he can’t answer all my questions of should we re-wire? Maybe? Will the wall crack? Maybe… Can we live in this? Sure we said we could before…Should we move later? No.. I’ll be too busy… And push the repeat button for about 20 minutes or so…and that was me going ballistic and bonkers.

The he asks… Why are you so stressed and axious? I’m not.  Just stick to the plan. It’ll be fine.

So what’s the title of my blog? Just stick to the plan and it SHOULD turn out the way you’ve expected or planned it to turn out…it’s never perfect and yes I do understand there may be surprises but if you stick to the plan you don’t pester your husband with questions…and drive him nuts after a long day of work.  It really was long he had to drive down to Everette Washington today… That means crossing the boarder and driving 2.5-3.5 hours depending on traffic.


6 thoughts on “Just Stick to The Plan

  1. The end product is always worth the effort (stress). We have just had our first indoor shower in a month! – been renovating the bathroom πŸ™‚ it’s awesome and I’m sure when you flick the switch on your new copper power-lines you will sleep well knowing the electric blanket is safe haha have fun πŸ™‚

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