So Anxious


For the past two weeks my husband and I have been waiting for our electrical quote to re-wire the house.  Apparently, 90% of the house is old aluminum wiring, which isn’t a great heat conductor and can cause fire.  Even though the old push buttons are cute and ‘historical’ we’re not going to risk our house or our lives so we’re switching out the old and putting in the new…..

Two electricians came at the end of July to do their inspections.  One had given us a crazy quote with no break down, so we’re assuming they’re too busy and want to scare us away… The other guy was on vacation for a week and was supposed to get back to us this week…. It is now end of day Wednesday and still nothing!!! My husband had called twice…. I’m ready to go balistic!!!! 

I’m also just generally antsy due to the move and packing and work stress.



10 thoughts on “So Anxious

  1. Sadly I will tell you that electrician’s DO get to choose their own hours (at least residential ones do) – and we are at their mercy. I’ve had the same issue. If you can, ask your electrical company for referrals, sometimes they have some. Here in Seattle we are having one of those ‘summer redo’s’ so they have a list of builders, etc. for projects.
    GOOD luck though – and yes as for a full detail quote and his credentials.

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  2. peter adamson

    This will require lots of patience and money. It is great training for parenthood. If anything happens on schedule, that is a bonus. Try not to stress about it. Getting rid of the aluminum is the right choice. Be prepared for some surprises.

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