Weekend Adventures


During the week I finished sewing my second clothing item ever. I did have a pattern and I did take a class that helped me along, but I think I’m going solo again for my next piece of clothing…

Here’s the pattern I used:
 Here’s my skirt: (house is a mess since we’re also in the midst of packing and Charlie was camera shy so he hid behind me lol)


Saturday was grocery shopping at costco, but I bought a couple of extra things that wasn’t exactly on my shopping list….

Isn’t the sweater darling? I love it.  My cousins bought the blue one with white polka dots.  It’s Tommy Hilfiger.

When we first bought the house, Kent had asked me to hold off on buying anything until we actually move in.  Well, I tried really really hard to not buy these lamps, but I think they’ll look perfect in our new living room! Love the glass ball down the spine!  They’re table top lamps and we have one side table, but I’ll have to figure out there to put he other lamp… I’m sure I’ll find the perfect spot 😉.

Made my mom’s potato salad for a friends BBQ Saturday night.  Compared to the rest of the good people brought over it was ok… I’m not the best cook, but I try… People are it but I think I can improve the recipe in the future.

Went to Dog Mountain Trail for another Sunday hike!  The trail is located on Setmour Mountain.  Starting to really enjoy exploring our beautiful British Columbia.

    I tried really hard to get Charlie in the photo but sometimes he just won’t cooperate lol


Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

– Mrs.A


10 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. Great job on the skirt and the sweater is really cute. I bought lamps like that for my granddaughter’s room and they are much prettier in person than in the pictures. I think you will like them and they go with any decor. Your weekend looked great! So glad you had a good time.

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