Day 12 – Copenhagen – April 26, 2015 Old Palace, Botanical Garden & Carlsberg Brewery


Sorry I took a bit of a break from blogging about my europe trip.  Maybe I didn’t want to let it go so quickly.. It’s been over 3 months already!  Well, the 12th day was the last day for us in Copenhagen and since we didn’t go to any palaces or castles in London or Paris, I wanted to go to the Copenhagen royal museum and old palace. It was a nice peaceful last day and we always start off with a good homemade breakfast!


Enjoy the photos of the palace!

IMG_4440 IMG_4442 IMG_4444 IMG_4446 IMG_4447 IMG_4449 IMG_4450 IMG_4452 IMG_4455 IMG_4468 IMG_4470 IMG_4480 IMG_4482 IMG_4490 IMG_4491 IMG_4492 IMG_4496 IMG_4497 IMG_4498 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4510 IMG_4517

The King’s ‘throne’ hehe…

IMG_4521 IMG_4522 IMG_4551 IMG_4553

ok the King’s real throne…


look at all that china…. it was a whole room full of them!


everything in this room was gold…

After the palace we went across the street to the botanical garden.  It was actually quite lovely, but didn’t want me to garden anymore than I do now haha.

IMG_4572 IMG_4573 IMG_4577 IMG_4578 IMG_4580 IMG_4582 IMG_4583 IMG_4584 IMG_4585 IMG_4586 IMG_4587

After the garden, we went to the Carlsberg Brewery!  That’s right..time for beer!  I never knew Carlsberg started in Copenhagen until I started looking to things to do in Copenhagen.  If you’re ever there, it’s a cool place to stop by even if you’re underage.  Kent wanted it to be more of a working brewery…but it’s more like a museum.  I don’t know if they allow tours in the actual brewery.

IMG_4589 IMG_4590 IMG_4591 IMG_4592 IMG_4593 IMG_4594 IMG_4595 IMG_4596 IMG_4597 IMG_4598 IMG_4600

They’ve collected over THOUSANDS of Carlsberg bottles from all over the world and since they’ve started brewing!  there are literally a whole floor and aisles and aisles of bottles! Amazing.

IMG_4601 IMG_4602 IMG_4603 IMG_4604

IMG_4606 IMG_4607 IMG_4612 IMG_4613 IMG_4614 IMG_4615 IMG_4622 IMG_4623 IMG_4625 IMG_4626 IMG_4627 IMG_4628 IMG_4629 IMG_4630 IMG_4631 IMG_4632 IMG_4633 IMG_4634 IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4637 IMG_4050 IMG_4053 IMG_4056 IMG_4057 IMG_4059

Have a great weekend!

– Mrs. A


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