Shrimp Scampi Sunday adventure


My cousin found a recipe on the food network the other day and said it was really good so I thought I’d try it out since I’m tired of cooking the same dishes I rotate. (Link for the recipe is at the bottom of this post.)
She did mention that she would’ve preferred more sauce in her pasta as suggested that u double up on the recipe, which I did today. And I didn’t use linguini I used some capellini noodles I already had, which I prefer over linguini.

Also, if you’re lazy like we are, we bought pre-peeled and pre-deveined shrimp from costco.  They’re frozen and cost $20 for 1.5pounds, but taste delicious and you don’t have to peel and devein them! What a time saver!  Just remember to defrost them in the afternoon if you’re cooking dinner.

Also, If you plan to double up the sauce….a bit of advice for those cooks who aren’t the greatest but can make do….., double up on everything except the lemon! Don’t use two juice of a lemon in the sauce as it turned out really sour… Whoops!  

Side note…I’m not a great cook, usually I make what I know so following a new recipe isn’t what I always do but if it’s easy I’m willing to try and this was a pretty simple and easy recipe to follow with very little ingredients, which I love!  

Anywho, I wasn’t going to serve sour pasta so I just added more of everything else until I found a happy flavour… Let’s just say I added a lot more butter, olive oil, and garlic to the sauce! Ha 

So for the not to great cooks out there like myself… Do as Gordon Ramsey says.. “Taste your food as you cook!” I should’ve done that after the first lemon juice went in… 

As the sauce was finally to taste… I started the last part, chop the parsley and add the pasta and shrimp in the sauce… Well I had another little mishap…my right hand was a bit too cofident and was chopping fast while My lazy left did not move fast enough! I’m sure you can all guess what happened next….

Yup….. I sliced my finger…. And of course I took a picture after it stopped bleeding….. WARNING!!! gross finger photo to follow…

On the bright side… I have a really sharp knife and dinner turned out really delicious!

For those who want the recipe…Here’s the link: 

– Mrs.A


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