We bought a house!


Soooo BIG news!  Kent and I bought a house! We’ll be moving in September! Super exciting! The following pictures were from the listing…I hope our furniture will look decent in the space! Only some minor touch ups and fixes otherwise it’s move in ready!

You can only imagine how excited Kent and I are! The next two months are going to be agony!  But at least it gives us time to pack!

I am sad that I will leaving Vancouver, but the market in this city is ridiculous!  So by moving two cities over, and for the same price, we get a bigger lot, the layout we want and our dream home!  Instead of a…mind my language….shit shack that we would have to sink a ton of money into.

Well… Without further adieu…..

  For those wondering… This is a Coltswold Tudor style home that was built in the 1930.  This is the front.


  Patio space, oh ya it also come with a hot tub!


  Entrance from front door.

  Living room.

  Dining room.


  Main floor bathroom

  Upstairs master.

  Second room.

  Secret room in second room.  You enter through the closet!

  Third bedroom upstairs.

 Rec room in the basement.

– Mrs.A


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