Father’s Day walk/run for prostate cancer


 My parents live in Ontario, so first thing I did yesterday morning was call my dad.  They’re 3 hrs ahead and was at their restaurant getting ready for the day’s rush so the call, as usual, was short and sweet.

So since my parents aren’t here, Kent and I spent Father’s Day with his family.  This year Kent’s dad asked us to join him the Father’s Day run/ walk for prostate cancer.  My father in law was diagnosed a few years ago, so this is a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts.

       Claire: sister in law, and Jojo (both at the front of the photo) weren’t able to participate since they both had a foot injury and needed to heal up.  But the rest of us… (From left to right: Graeme:brother in law, mother in law, me, Kent and father in law) walked the 5k around Burnaby lake.  It was a hot day!!! But we did it in just under an hour!

Sorry it’s a day late… But Happy Father’s Day! 

– Mrs.A


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