Grandma Trigg’s 90th birthday!


Tomorrow is grandma Trigg’s 90th birthday and my mother in law wanted to put a scrapbook together for her mom. So she asked me for some help and ideas, which I provided…. But I also just volunteered to put it together for her since I had all the paper crafting stuff at home… I didn’t want to take the project away from her, but she happily let me take charge! I’m pretty proud of it as it was the fastest scrapbook I’ve ever finished! 7 days! Lol but it’s because I procrastinated…Here’s the result!    


                           Happy Birthday Grandma Trigg! You were quite the looker back in the day! We love you.  So to celebrate, today there was a big afternoon celebration with a lot of family! Here are a few photos from the day…

                  Time for a nap!

– Mrs.A


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