House Hunting


So for the past few weeks Kent and I have been house hunting and let me tell you it is not an easy task in Vancouver BC.  Not only do we have one of the most expensive housing markets on the North American continent, homes are literally being sold within days of them being on the market.

I know it’s not easy, but it’s just very frustrating and very expensive process.  Old homes are being sold for $1million in Vancouver and just last year these same homes were being sold for $700-$900K. I’m not sure what’s happened to make the market so ridiculous.  But I know for one thing, this market is not going down anytime soon…..


7 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. We live in Wisconsin and it really is one of the most inexpensive places that you can live. I grew up in Santa Barbara, Ca. Everything is expensive there! Here in Wisconsin you can get a 2 acre lot with a 2,000 sq ft. house for about $180,000. I am thankful that we settled here. Hopefully you find something within your budget and will be happy wherever you go. The key is to remember that small things like paint and wallpaper can always be changed. Really look at the “bones” of a house before you buy and try to see past the decorum. Happy house hunting!


  2. Ugh do NOT get me started about housing prices in Toronto and Vancouver – it’s ridiculous. There’s SO much speculation and people buying properties as investments. We want a home to LIVE in it – whatever happened to that concept? There are shacks with structural problems and termites that people are selling WITH A STRAIGHT FACE for $1MM. I cannot wait until the interest rates go up and everyone’s house of cards fall on them!

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