Co-Zi On Fraser Cafe


So I’ve been wanting to share this small cafe place with you guys because I thought it was a super cute lunch spot.  After coming home from Europe and seeing so many people ok with eating on their own I thought I’d try it out…. I’ve eaten lunch on my food before but usually during work if all my coworkers were busy.

So on a sunny weekend when I had to take Charlie out for a grooming I went to have lunch at Cozi on Fraser Cafe.  I didn’t order much just a chicken pesto sandwich.

There were two young females behind the counter when you first enter, it’s a small place, but charming.  Since it was so hot out, I decided to sit outside.

The sandwich cost about $12, which I thought was a little pricey given the size and no side salad or fries offered. However I still enjoyed the sandwich.  It wasn’t the most amazing chicken pesto sandwich I’ve ever had, but it was better than what I can put to together at home! Lol

I would go back again ☺️


2 thoughts on “Co-Zi On Fraser Cafe

  1. Dad

    Sounds neat and looks good! Looks like a good find! We should all meet there for lunch some time. Sounds like a fun place for lunch. 🙂


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