My Patio Garden


So I started late this year… But I got some herbs in and a few flowers…

The only herb that survived last year was my apple mint.  So I hope it grows a lot this year!!  I had to reinvest in some new sweet basil and chocolate mint.  Something new I’m trying is a dark basil, supposed to have the same taste as sweet basil but has a really dark burgundy colour.  Something else that’s new is cilantro, which I just found out doesn’t do very well in the summer…. Oh and two small dalia flowers because they’re so bright and colourful.

    I bought the hanging baskets a couple of weeks ago from costco. They look great!! I had two last year from costco as well and I didn’t throw them out until I replaced it with these ha!  So yes I did have two dead hanging baskets swinging around until the beginning of May 😜

 Oh and U saw a strawberry plant in sale for $2… So I thought I’d give it a try.  Last year we tried to grow green peppers… Didn’t mature at all… Probably not enough sunlight though… Don’t have that much hope for this little guy, but it’d be amazing if I get a berry!


6 thoughts on “My Patio Garden

    • Thanks! I’m trying to have a green thumb… My coworkers are the ones who teach me… One of them has a full blown garden in her backyard! But I’m not there yet maybe one day lol… I’m just starting small with flowers and herbs


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