Day 6 – Paris April 20, 2015 – Walking Tour and Bike Tour


Our first full day in Paris was a long one, so bare with me!

There’s a bakery across the street from where we stayed and they’re known for their bread, even though we never bought a baguette there we had croissants for breakfast every day!  Delicious buttery yumminess for those 4 mornings….

IMG_3904 IMG_3906

On this day I had a free walking tour planned in the morning with in Paris. Our tour guide was a local, however, we didn’t feel like she gave us great tour.  We picked the “landmarks” tour in Paris, we thought it was just ‘ok’…  But please don’t take my experience to heart, if you’ve gone on a tour with them and enjoyed them that’s great!

We did get some a few good photos though…


The Paris Opera, with gold trim at the top…


Kent standing in front of the Opera House….on the side of the building


A random building that our guide told us about…she wanted to point out the architecture to us and asked where we thought which floor the rich might’ve lived backing the day.  would they have lived on the top floor?  or the first? or the second? Do you know?  I do 🙂


just a neat street in by the ‘english’ square.


One of the buildings at Place Vedome


looking down towards the oblesik in the Tuileries Garden.  This garden didn’t used to be open to the public.  The King and Queens palace would be on either side of the garden (the Louvre) on side and the another palace not the other.  Also, Parisians love everything perfect, so instead more ‘natural’ parks that north americans may be used to, paris’s parks and trees have all been planted and manicured to perfection, and everything is gravel.  Do not go here on a windy day otherwise you’ll be eating sand…. I can just imagine it….

The walking tour ending around here at noon, and we were starving so since we were so close to the left bank, we decided to find some lunch (just random baguette sandwiches) and visit Laduree (famous macaroons).


Store front of Laduree, with some minor construction happening on the sidewalk.


beautiful macaroons inside!  Look how colourful they all are!!!

IMG_3827Very yummy looking pastries too!!!  I only bought 3 macaroons as Kent is allergic to nuts, he couldn’t have any and I knew that I should limit myself. I LOVE anything coffee flavoured so that’s obvious for me, I also LOVE liquorice, which i’ve never had for a macaroon flavour before, and they had one called Marie Antoinette so that intrigued me enough to buy that too.


Kent taking a photo of me taking a photo of…


the macaroon!


 Which was very delicious.  So crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside!

We then walked over this bridge, which name I’ve forgotten…


So glad Kent has long arms and good aim when it comes to selfies!



We walked over to Avenue de Champs-Elysées famous shopping street, although I didn’t buy anything since we’re travelling on a budget..and saving money to buy a house.


Arc de Triomphe! at the end of Champs-Elysees..which is when we turned around and walked back down the avenue to find some dinner before our FAT TIRE BIKE EVENING TOUR!  This is in all caps because it was one of the highlights of our trip!

We start out by meeting at a metro station, they then walk us over to their shop, we get fitted for our bikes and get the run down of how things work.  If you’re not a good cyclist, it’s ok, as long as you know how to ride a bike and you should be able to go on this tour. It’s very easy, and as long as you stick to the group, listen to your guide, nothing will happen. Best part, you don’t even have to wear a helmet!  Actually that was a bit of a shock to us since we’re so used to the helmet safety thing in Canada.

Its hard to take pictures while you’re riding your bike lol, but we did have a few stops along the way…


Our First stop was for ice cream by Notre Dame, this place has been around for over 100 years? and the ice cream was good, but not as good as our world renown gelato champion Bella Gelateria in Vancouver 🙂


For safety, we had to wear vests for visibility, but no helmets!  Kent’s vest is orange because he was the derriere.  This meant that he volunteered to be the last person of the group and made sure no one lagged behind.  He’s a fairly experienced cyclist, so that wasn’t a problem, and unbeknownst to him, he got a free t-shirt!!! ya free stuff!


At the Louvre during sunset, beautiful………..after cycling around on and off for 1.5hr, we get to be…..

IMG_4179On a boat! We’re on a board drinking red wine out of plastic cups, courtesy of Fat Tire Bike Tours!  Kent said he was a little tipsy after 3-4 cups I only had half a cup as I’m not a big fan of red wine.


Amazing view of the Eiffel Tower as we cruise on by……


Notre Dame all lit up….It’s quite difficult to take photos in the evening on a moving boat…..with a point and shoot camera.  Plus we were just enjoying the ride and company of our fellow bikers.

IMG_4211On our way back to head quarters and passed the eiffel tower again…  During the boat ride, it was getting bit chilly, since it’s still spring and our tour guide was saying how she was hungry and couldn’t wait to go grab dinner after the tour.  She mentioned  she was going to go grab delicious ‘change your life’ crepe.  This caught our attention, so of course we had to go and try it for ourselves…

IMG_3853 IMG_3852

It’s a savoury crepe, with curry chicken, tomatoes and egg and maybe something else but i don’t remember…AND IT WAS SO YUMMY!  Kent wanted to share one, but I knew that it was going to be delicious and I was hungry and did not want to share.  Plus, he LOVES curry, so I already knew that if we only ordered one, he would want another anyways… I convinced him to get his own lol.  NO REGRETS!  He gobbled it right up! and it was only 4.5euros! SO much cheaper than the other crepes in the touristy areas!


so good…..and as this was around 1030pm, we thought it best to head home and get a good nights sleep as we had a very eventful day today!


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