Day 5 – Paris April 19, 2015 – Love Locks Bridge & Notre Dame


On this day, we left a cloudy London and took the train to beautiful and sunny PARIS!  The city of love and romance and lights!  I’ve travelled to Paris when I was 14 with my parents.  I remember going to the Louvre and seeing the Mona Lisa.  I remember Notre Dame and I remember the Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triumph and busy busy streets. So this time around, I was able to explore the city as an adult and experience it with my husband, which was very exciting for me.

We stayed at another airbnb place which was an apartment within the Republic Metro area.  This neighbourhood was super central and just a block away from the Saint Martin Canal.  Our room was much larger, we still had to share a bathroom, but just with the homeowner and his wife.  The host was super friendly and helpful.

We arrived in Paris just before dinner time, so thought we’d walked around a bit an have some dinner at a place that looked decent in the old part of Paris, Le Marais.


Some people made me nervous about Paris and how the people would treat us since we didn’t speak french very well.  More like I  only know how to ask “Parle vous englais s.v.p?” lol.  However, we didn’t really encounter any one that was rude to us.  People were kind and served us, so we were happy with that!

After dinner we walked around the area and took in the sites around the area…

IMG_4086 IMG_4087

most bridges in paris now have the ‘love’ locks…. it’s pretty crazy how heavy these locks can be…


We didn’t buy one to lock on the bridge because within time…it would be cut off, so instead, I found a generic lock and claimed it for us! lol


Notre Dame

IMG_4096 IMG_4100

Hotel D’Ville


26 thoughts on “Day 5 – Paris April 19, 2015 – Love Locks Bridge & Notre Dame

    • My husband and I aren’t big on museums, but we’ve both been to the Louvre separately when we were younger, so we didn’t feel like we needed to go again. And there’s just so many things to see! it was hard to pick what we wanted to visit on this trip. But that just means we’ll go back to visit in the future!


  1. Je taime, Paris! Love Paris even though it’s been more than a few years since I’ve visited. Thanks for the memories with your fantastic photos and firing me up to finally make my return visit!

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  2. rebbit7

    Paris is amazing! I studied abroad there last summer, and I’m planning to return there this fall!

    What was your favorite part of the trip? I’m curious to know!

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    • My favourite thing was very touristy lol! it was the night time Fat Tire Bike Tours because we were able to cover a lot of ground at night with the sun setting, and lights glittering…and it included the river cruise, which was also great! My other favourite thing about Paris was walking through BelleVille, because it’s different than central Paris, it was the everyday Parisian living life. What about you? what’s your favourite thing to do in Paris? You did have much more time than me to explore too! 🙂

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