Wow it’s January 2015!


So a lot of things have probably happened in the last 5 months… The biggest one is my cousin having her baby! They named him Hunter. Great name isn’t it? And with Hunter being born, my aunt and uncle are visiting for a month, which has been amazing because Ellen and I don’t have to cook! And our husbands don’t have to do the dishes lol for now anyways… It’s been a luxury!

So let’s just introduce this little guy shall we?


Hello baby Hunter! This photo was taken the morning after he was born. Interesting story… I was in the delivery room with Ellen when he came out to meet us! Darren her husband was feeling a bit light headed and nauseous so I went in! It was a pretty crazy experience! But one we met the little guy it was amazing! I got to take the first photos of him! (On his parents camera).

Here are a couple more photos of of him. I’m a super proud Aunt! And he’s quite adorable!





Alright… Until next time!


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