Learning How to Quilt – 1st of 3 Classes


So I’ve been wanting to learn how to quilt for awhile now, but had no idea where to start.  Spool of Thread, a great local fabric shop, offers classes and I’ve taken their tote bag class when I first started sewing again a couple of years ago.  If you’ve gone to the site, you can see that the beginner’s quilting class is not cheap, plus you have to buy all the fabric!  So, as a Christmas present from my husband’s family, they bought me the sewing class!  And 7 months later……. I’M USING IT! lol  They didn’t have that many classes at the beginning of the year, but with the high demand, they were finally able to get a few more classes going!

After you sign up, they email you a list of materials that you’ll need for the class, so I actually headed to Fabricland, since it’s about a 5-10 min drive from my house.  I know a lot of people don’t like this store, and I agree some of their materials is out dated, but they have a membership fee card and you can save tons of money on fabric if you catch the right sales.  I’ve been able to find some decent fabric here.  Plus I only get the member for the last half of the year July – December so that it’s half off!

If fabric was a bit more affordable at Spool of Thread, I would shop there more because they have some WONDERFUL fabrics.  I might start buying fabric online!  I haven’t tried it yet….


So these are the fabrics that I picked out.  I had a baby boy theme in mind, not sure why, but its mostly because I love anchors and blues and greys right now lol.  This quilt calls for 4 feature pieces, one base background colour and one colour for the other side of the quilt.


First we had to measure and cut out our feature fabrics and background fabrics into strips to sew together.


We use an Elena machine in class, but I have a Singer Confidence Stylist  7467s (that my wonderful husband bought for me for my birthday a couple of years ago) at home.  In class we’re to use a 2.5 stitch length, and good thing my singer’s auto straight stitch is also at 2.5 length!


Tada! We had to keep all the feature fabrics apart so I ended up with 4 ‘blocks’ of sewn fabrics.  Next we had to cut them out into two sizes… and sew them together to create long strips.



These two strips here are folded in half and I didn’t know the rest of them….This was all I had time to do in the first class……now time to do the homework before the next class on Sunday!


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