New Orleans in June


Back in June Kent and I went to New Orleans with a couple of our friends, Jeff (one of Kent’s Best Friends) and Laurie (one of my Best Friends). Jeff flew out of Calgary, while the rest of us flew from Vancouver. What an ordeal it was just getting to New Orleans! We had a layover in Dallas, but there were storms over there and our flights were delayed.

My father-in-law drove us to the airport, and when we arrived at their place he told us our flights were delayed AGAIN and to the point where we would miss our connection. So we just headed to the airport to see what they can do for us. After waiting for 30 minutes in line with other frustrated and anxious travellers, the flight attendant didn’t even know our flight was delayed and suggest that we would make our connecting flight. Being the opinionated and dramatic person that I am…I was having none of it, and told her yes, our flights are delayed again, and that there’s no way we would make our connecting flight and that I refused to fly in the next morning because that would ruin our day. Needless to say…she booked us another flight and 12 hours later…we arrived in New Orleans at 2am….

 IMG_0872me and Kent IMG_0870Laurie and Kent


Laurie and I

Took a few photos while waiting for our connecting flight in Denver…we didn’t board until late and goofing off to pass time……

When we finally board and were close to New Orleans…..While we were descending….. this happened…….


a very cool lighting storm show! and did you know that if lighting strikes the plane we’re all fine because plane just redirects the lighting..if lighting hits the plane, it also exits the plane…does that make sense?  Planes have a special material that won’t cook us all up like sardines in a tin can……  I was pretty nervous still because I didn’t know this fact until AFTER I came home and it was on the news one evening! lol


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