Charlie our Puppy!


So it’s been a pretty busy month and a half and I apologize for not posting anything sooner about anything.

Not that much happened in the beginning of June, but we did go on a small trip mid June! I’ll write a post about that later….

In the mean time… On May 03, 2014, our puppy Charlie was born! Kent and I drove out to Calgary on June 28th and picked him up on June 30!


Us in the road…just keep driving…….just keep driving we’ll get there!!!

Charlie’s last picture in his old home… on June 30

One last visit with our friend Jeff who let us stay at his place for the weekend! Thanks Jeff!!!

So while picking Charlie up our breeder, Carla – Hunter’s Heart , was kind enough to have fed him late the night before and told us to keep his stomach empty and don’t feed Charlie. She explained that if we fed him, he’ll probably get car sick and throw up. We should only give him water. Well we did just that and it worked. He didn’t throw up and slept most of the way home! It took us 14 hrs since we stopped a lot for him, but we made it home!




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