My Parents Visiting


This has definitely been a busy weekend! My parents flew in Thursday evening from their 3 week trip to Asia and stopped in Vancouver to visit us before going back home to London, ont.

20140526-180106-64866926.jpg My parents.

Everyone always asks me what I do with my parents when they’re in town and to be honest, not a whole lot ha!  Vancouver will always be my parents ‘home base’ even though they now live in Ontario.  They lived here for a good 20 something years before they moved back to Ontario, where they originally lived when they first came to Canada.  However, that initial move was short, so they will always call Vancouver home.

When they visit, it’s to obviously see me, their only daughter 🙂 and now their son-in-law too.   I suspiciously think they love Kent more than me because my mom made his favourite meal before she made mine! hahahaha… I call it only child syndrome…where when my parents focus their attention on me, I DON’T WANT IT! but if they show interest in someone else I’M DEADLY JEALOUS and wonder why aren’t they paying me any attention!!!

But in all honesty, they come back to rest, run errands, buy things they believe they can’t buy anywhere else EXCEPT vancouver (for a few items this is true…) and to watch a lot of tv and sleep on the couch and see some family and friends too.

Any who, we ate out a few times and local joints that we always love, Wonton Mein Saga on Kingsway (beside Tops Restaurant), Mui Garden on Victoria Drive and our number one favourite in China town NEW TOWN BAKERY… not matter how old I get, I love this place, even though sometimes their dishes are dirty…and I can still smell the bleach from the ‘clean’ utensils… it just brings back oh so many good memories!


New Town on the outside…


and on the inside…

One thing that really drives me up the wall is when my parents treat me like a child…. I’m sure one day my own kids will say the same about me.  But seriously?  I’m 30, please do not question everything little thing I do.  I can make my own decisions.  I do understand its just their way of telling me they love me and that they care.  It just gets on someones nerves when it’s at a high intensity…..

Good thing they were only here for a short visit so that I don’t go crazy mental on them…….. bad news is that my mom thinks we wont be able to handle Charlie (our puppy) when we pick him up and we’ll want to sell him within a few months!! NO WAY!  (side note, i will post more photos of Charlie soon).

All in all, it was a short trip but a good weekend with my parents…… I sure do love you guys! xoxo




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