In-laws Retirement Party


About 3-4 weeks ago both my in-laws retired on the same day.  The Adamson kids decided to plan something special for their parents because they’ve worked so hard for so many years and they deserve to have a surprise party with their friends and family!

I honestly didn’t do much planning, I was just support.  Whatever they needed I was there to help either provide it, make it, or think of it!  I must say it turned out to be a great success!  We were able to contact quite a few people from all parts of my in-laws life!  From coworkers, to church friends, to neighbours, to really old friends oh and of course family!

Needless to say, they knew we were up to something, but didn’t realize how many people we were actually able to get together and invite over!  Boy were they surprised!

Here’s a few photos from the party:


The shock on their faces as they walked through the door…Well this was taken 30 seconds after that…..


All the delicious food that people brought to the party and some take out that we ordered (Greek and Sushi!)  Notice the tissue balls on the table 🙂  Yes I made those!  They’re just mini versions of the martha stewart tissue balls.  I also made some big multi-coloured ones to hang around the room.  Just didn’t get the change to take a picture of them..oh wells.

The VERY large table you see is actually a pool table! We just put the cover on top and placed a few dollar store table cloths (plastic really) to keep it clean and it added some nice bright colour to the room!

IMG_3368 IMG_3369


The Retirement Banner that I made 🙂  I am a crafter at heart after all 🙂 I used my handy Stampin’ Up! supplies to punch out the letters with my Big Shot and flowers.  And the great looking designer paper is also from Stampin’ Up!, but I think everything I used has since retired.  But I still love using their stuff!


The delicious Cupcake Cake we got for the in-laws! Cute right?



Some gluten free cupcakes for my sister in law.. they were really good too!


It also happened to be my mother in-laws birthday weekend, so yes we sang happy birthday…….. and they blew out the candles! 🙂


HAPPY RETIREMENT!!! They are very much enjoying their time off and loving the great weather we’re having!


Kent and I goofing around as we were cleaning up. 🙂


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