I made a Skirt!


In case you weren’t aware, I’ve taken up sewing about a year ago, and I’ve actually made a few projects, a tote bad, an apron, a lunch bag, some pillow cases, ipad cases, drawstring bag and kobo case!  Those are literally all the things I’ve sewn so far! lol

So with all those small projects under my belt, I thought I’d finally tackle clothing.  What better place to find inspiration than pintrest! Found this cute skirt tutorial from: Sewing in No Mans Land blog (takes you directly to the link).  I actually had to buy the pattern from Craftsy.com, which was $2, so not that bad. Here’s the skirt the designer made!  cute huh?

First I had to find fabric, and since my membership at Fabricland expired in Dec, (it’s cheaper to get another one in July for half off!) I thought I’d use my gift card at Spool of Thread.  This is a great place to start learning how to sew by the way.  I took my tote bag class here because other than grade 9 sewing class, I didn’t know anything about sewing!  This first class was great because it taught me a lot of basics that helped me learn how to make all my other projects on my own from youtube and blog tutorials.

Here’s my Dress! (sorry for the bad selfie, but no one was around to help me take a photo of myself in the dress!)


Here’s better pictures of the dress (I love the pattern!):

IMG_3415The front, now I had a lot of issues with the pattern sizing because I’m actually smaller than what the designer pattern provided, so I had to improve with size. The belt at the top itself was REALLY BIG and there was not explanation why it was so long.  I must say, the pattern description wasn’t as detailed as I hopped it would be.  I guessed some of the work, used common sense and youtube’d the rest! LOL.  The patter did call for beginner skills, which I thought I had, but apparently I wasn’t as beginner as I thought I was!


Here’s the back there aren’t that many photos out there for the back of the dress, so I thought I should show it.  Again, I adjusted the belt to make it work for me since there was no explanation as to why it was so long.  If it’s supposed to be wrapped, it doesn’t explain it!  and the designer doesn’t show any pictures of the back of the dress so it’s all guess work there.


The invisible zipper you have to know how to install, here’s a good tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmsA7PLCcTs&list=PLg9EYGbO2p5hvOp72Fa1oXYWWq5Izeh7z&index=2

I also recommend to install the zipper BEFORE you gather the skirt, and if you don’t know how to gather a skirt here’s another tutorial: http://vimeo.com/65644812

And then you’ll need to know how to attach the gathered skirt to the waist belt an keep it even! (this is step 4 of the previous video): http://vimeo.com/66023308


And thanks to this blog: http://pinterest-created.blogspot.ca/2012/08/taking-notes-skirt.html  I created a buttohole slot at the back so the ties don’t get tangled up.

Here’s something I messed up and tried to fix…the buttons and loop holes the pattern asks for.  As you can see in the photo above, you’re suppose to have the tie, and two elastic loops for buttons.  Well I didn’t have enough room for everything in the end, and the waist belt was a teeny big, so I improvised.  If you can see I left a bit of the waist line stick out, and put a button in the front and a button in the back to hold the dress together..


So what I did was tuck the bottom loop behind and looped it onto the button I sewed to the back…


so all you see on the ‘front’ is one button on top and just the tie!  It actually worked out! ha!  sometimes mistakes just work huh?

Happy Sewing!



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