Our Puppy has been born!


After months of waiting……Spotty (out breeder’s dog) has given birth to three healthy puppies!  There’s two boys and a girl!  If you look at the photo, the two boys are on the outside and the girl is in the middle.  Spotty looks tired doesn’t she?  We’ll be getting a male dog and we’ve already picked out our name for him! CHARLIE!!!


With all the excitement of the puppy we also have to start shopping for dog stuff too!  Kent’s mom’s old coworker has kindly offered us her large kennel to us for free! woo! However, it’s too big to bring him home in.  Did I mention that we’ll need to drive out to Calgary to pick him up? That’s right!

So the other day I bought a used small kennel for $20 to pick up our little guy!  We can’t wait to meet him in a few weeks!!!

We’re also looking at which Vet to take him to when we bring him home… a friend of ours goes to North Burnaby Vet Hospital, which as fairly decent reviews.

Or the Burnaby Vet Hospital, which won 2013 best vet hospital!  Kent says we should just visit both hospitals and see which one we’re comfortable with…which is probably best 🙂

We’ve also been reading up a lot on how to train our puppy once we get him!  So I hope we’ll be prepared!


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