The thing that people don’t tell you after you get married is….


What no one has ever told me about getting married is that after the big party, the honeymoon, the hard work of working out so you look great on your wedding day is that you get comfortable….  You get lazy, you don’t have to impress anyone anymore.  Heck you married the guy!  You’re now a wife, who comes home early because her husband is a hard worker and needs to stay late.  So you try and cook a healthy meal and then?….

I watched tv… I watched a lot of TV and sat on my butt a lot and a year and a half later….I’ve gained 10-12 pounds!!!! What happened?? Why have I become this super lazy person who doesn’t want to do anything anymore?  Why have I lost all motivation to craft? One of my all time favourite hobbies!  Why have I lost the motivation to eat healthy? To be active? To do anything really?!?

I’m trying to find my missing mojo.  I’ve been trying on and off logging my food and exercise on I now even have a fitbit to track my activity which is helping me maintain the weight I’ve gained but not lose it!  I need to find my mojo.

So for those of you who are getting married… Be vary wearying of the getting comfortable and not taking care of yourself anymore…because I’ve talked to other wives… This did not just happen to me….


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