It’s been an eventful day……


It all started last night with our call to the dog breeder that we may pick for our new puppy.  In the middle of the call I started to feel a tickle in my throat, which I just thought was a dry throat.  I woke up this morning hacking my head off, but it wasn’t that big deal just coughing…

As the morning wore on…I developed a headache…then the body ache began. Uh oh, I carpooled today, I can’t go home because I would have to take public transit and it would be over an hour!  I told my husband that I felt awful and would love to go home and couldn’t due to a transit problem, and he offered to come pick me up and drive me home! Isn’t he the best??? Yes he is!

He also mentioned that he may have a bruised toe and it was a bit swollen because he was helping a coworker build a new desk at work, and the box fell on his toe!  Of course I was worried and questioned if it was bruised or broken????????  Kent being who he is just brushed it off….

I came home…slept, made congee…slept some more and woke up around 630/7 and noticed the living room light on.  I came outside and Kent is laying on the couch not moving with a very painful look on his face……needless to say, I gave him some pain killers, some congee and off to the emergency room we go…..

20140103-222136.jpgwaiting in the emergency room………


Checking his blood pressure…


drum rolll……….it’s BROKEN! 😦 however, it’s a fairly straight crack and he doesn’t need a cast or a boot….

20140103-224729.jpgHe just needs a lot of rest and take it easy…….

what a start to the weekend……now time to lay on the couch and watch Elementary….



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