All about Penny!


We found out late last night that Penny would be staying with us for an extra day!  That was really exciting to hear since I thought she was going to go home mid-day today…..But instead she’s not leaving us until the end of day tomorrow!  When she does leave I’ll probably be a tad bit depressed and dog deprived…..

Kent and I started the morning early with Penny and went for a 50 min walk! I was exhausted and so was she especially at 8am….on New Years day!



We came home and had some yummy breakfast…lounged and Kent went to play fetch with her in the backyard… I took a nap 🙂 hehe.  Then all evening long I petted and spoiled Penny with lots of praises because it’s back to work for me tomorrow and I won’t get to spend much time with her…only an early morning walk before her owners come and pick her up after work…… long Penny! I’m going to miss you! xoxoxo




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