It’s been a little over a year…..


I guess I should introduce myself first off…..Hi! I’m Sylvia Adamson.  My husband, Kent and I got married on Sept. 08, 2012 and that so far as been the happiest day of my life.  Isn’t he handsome?


It has now been a little over a year and 3 months….(coming to 4 months very soon!) since we’ve been married, and I haven’t really documented too much of my life since.  We live in the house I grew up in, with my cousin (who grew up in the same house) and her husband of 5 months (who has yet to move in ha!). My parents and my cousin (lets just call her E.) parent’s have always lived together so we grew up together like sisters.  But our parents moved out 9 years ago to be closer to family out in Ontario.  So we have the house to ourselves most of the time, until family comes to visit..then it’s chaos.

Since the year has flown by so quickly, Kent and I’ve turned into a bit of a boring old couple, where I come home from work, cook, eat and wait for Kent to come home.  He tends to work late because he’s such a good employee!  I’m in the field of Urban Planning and have a 8-430 desk job, steady and challenging and gets me home early!  Kent’s in the quality auditing business for building products and what nots…as engineers do…and often has to stay late to finish reading reports and to keep clients happy…..

So, in the mean time, instead of watching tv and eating junk food and being the lazy self that I’ve turned into.. I’ve decided that in 2014 I will start documenting my life as Mrs. A.  The ups and downs, the weird and boring and any random thing I can think of really.

Actually…., I already have a crafting blog ( that I had started a few years ago and have been posting on and off now for a bit.  More off than on really… crafting days have stalled a bit and I’m hoping to pick things up here where I can blog just about ANYTHING 🙂  Hence the Life of Mrs.A 🙂

One of the big decisions that we’ve been mulling over is if we should get a dog, and if we do get a dog..what breed should we get?? oh the questions!  We’ve never been dog owners before, but for the past 2 weeks we’ve been dog sitting a 3.5yr old Border Collie named Penny!



She’s really been the best! She’s super sweet and friendly and so well trained by her owners! Kent and I have been spoiled by her and so the question pops up every day……….should we get a dog?  Are we ready for a dog?  What breed should we consider? We’re really liking the Brittany Spaniel, however, we’re still not 100% yet… anyone have suggestions?


anywho…..I better get going to get some homework done………oh ya..did I mention? I’m back in school to complete the Urban Design Certificate Program offered at SFU.  I’ve taken the 3 of 8 classes that are needed, but I need to get my homework done by Jan. 15, which is really JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Until tomorrow then….Happy New Years Eve Everyone 🙂


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