I do love white…


Sunday, generally I’d be spending time with Kent, but he has been away this week, hence the multiple posts this week! hahaha Not that I don’t craft at all while he’s around.  I just rather spend time with him sometimes rather than craft… ya know?  Well.. you’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever been in love with someone and all you want to do is just spend time with them, regardless of what you’re doing.  I can say I did miss him like bonkers this week! and crafting was a good way to keep busy.  I’ll post my other convention swap projects when I get back….

Today was all about the general swap.. what to make! what to make! oh the grueling torture of designing a card!  So I went looking for inspiration!  Our Creative Corner gave me just that so here’s the OCC WHITE PARTY Challenge!

Here’s what I came up with:

You likely? Well.. I like it! I thought for a simple card, it doesn’t look so simple and it looks elegant!  Great card to give for newlyweds!

I had to make quite a few…. they are for general swapping.. I hope the conventioners will like them! and that I don’t bump into a snob swapper along the way!



4 thoughts on “I do love white…

  1. Love what you did here. It’s so simple, but it has so much personality and punch. That text paper flower is the perfect finishing touch! So happy you took us up on our White Party challenge this week at Our Creative Corner. Hope to see you back again with us next week.


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