I am a little obsessed with…Christmas…and Stampin’ Up! – FTL105, SR34


Hi yah!  I can’t tell you how excited I am tonight because I got some extra stuff in at my front door today! MORE STAMPIN’ GOODIES! yah!!  Tis the Season to be JOLLY!  It has almost been a year since I was first introduced to the AMAZING company of Stampin’ Up! and all their fabulous products!

Since last year, when I wanted to just create some christmas cards for my family, because i thought it’d be fun… lead to something…. I am now SO PASSIONATE ABOUT.  Would you believe me if I told you that I DREAM about stamping and crafting?  It’s crazy I tell ya!  but it’s true and THAT is how I know I love doing what I am doing!!! 🙂  Do you feel the same way??? 🙂  hehe

ok! on to the goodies!

So….last night I wasn’t too satisfied with my Thanksgiving card.. booo….and while I wanted to attempt another go at it… I wanted to make another Christmas card instead! lol…..again.. can you say obsessed? lol

I also used Clean & Simple’s FANTASTIC simple layout:

Here’s my Card…and this one I AM UBER PROUD OF!

Sorry about the lighting…. but you get the main picture right? 🙂

here’s the beautiful embossed Delightful Decoration Stamp set! (I LOVE ITTTTTTT!!!)

layers layers……LAYERS!!!!!!! 🙂

and a lil somethin’ somethin’ on the inside 🙂

Have a great Weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “I am a little obsessed with…Christmas…and Stampin’ Up! – FTL105, SR34

  1. Hi there, I too dream of stampin’ and most times when I make the card I dreamt about it’s not exactly like the dream but the card generally turns out okay. Hope we get the stamps you used in our catalogue due out on Oct 1st.


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