So before’s THANKSGIVING! – PPA57, SR34


GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!  Tonight was my scrap and yak and my a good friend of mine came over to do some scrapbooking for her wedding!  I must say..there was much more YAKKING than scrapbooking! lol  I’m still trying to pick out pictures for my NYC scrapbook!  I think we’re going to continue our scrap and yak into Sunday since Kent is busy that day i get to spend the whole day crafting! Hoo ray!! 🙂  I love my boyfriend to death…but sometimes it’s nice to have a FULL DAY in my crafting corner 😀  I’ve been a super girlfriend yesterday..why do you ask? because I helped him clean his apartment! lol  It wasn’t pretty….but it had to be done

Well one with tonight’s card!  I gave up my scrapbook page lol and decided I needed to make a Thanksgiving card!  In Canada Thanksgiving falls on the 2nd Monday in the month of October, so this year it falls on October 11th.   Now I know I’ve been really excited about Christmas, but Thanksgiving is important too! 🙂  So I thought I’d use some inspiration from Stampin’ Royalty and Pals Paper Arts.

This week Stampin’ Royalty has a monochromatic challenge.  it basically means that I pick a color and use all the different shades of that color… lol and of course an awesome sketch challenge from Pals Paper Arts:

Here’s My creation:

I knew what I wanted this card to look like…but when I was making it…..things just didn’t seem to ‘fit’ right..what do you think?? I’m still not 100% on it…..

I do like how my pumpkins turned out though 🙂

maybe it’s the ribbon?  or the Bitty Buttons on top? hmm I can’t really put my finger on it… ah well… I’ll do better when i’m not so distracted hehehe


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