5 Cool Ways to Teach Kids About Personal Finance


I don’t have kids yet, but some of my friends do and I think they offer some great advice on how to teach your child about money.

Sensible Cents

kids saving

Kids might know money doesn’t grow on trees, but many still think it’s free. Almost half of the 5-year-olds in an Australian survey of 500 children “thought their parents got free money from a machine in the wall after inserting a card,” reports Essential Mums.

Even stranger, 18 percent of 7-year-olds surveyed thought buying something online meant it was free. Since the average cost of raising a child (from infancy to adulthood) is already more than $245,000, you’ll want to quash any ideas of magic, free-money-dispensing machines or free online shopping sprees.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to put kids on the path toward a healthy relationship with money, and that starts with communication.

1. Talk to Kids About Money

Yes, even the stuff you’d rather not admit to yourself, like your savings and debt, as well as what you earn from your job.

“Part of…

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5 Ways to Save on Transportation

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Great money saving advice! I’m all about the carpooling because it’s too hard to get rid of the car altogether.

How to $tuff Your Pig


Cars are a huge waste of money, but for some of us they are a necessary evil. Cars depreciate, eat up dollars in fuel costs, and require expensive routine maintenance. You also need to add in the price of car insurance and in some cases, the cost to park it. Here are five ways to save on transportation.

Public Transportation

If you can get rid of your car, public transportation can save you money on car payments, fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking. Living car free is no longer an issue with services like ZipCar and Uber which allow you to rent a car or hire a ride to get around.

Walk or Ride a Bike

One of the best ways to save both money and the environment is to use your own two feet. Walking and biking are both great ways to improve your health and the health of the…

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Just Stick to The Plan


Our plan for the new house has always been to update the electrical wiring in the house.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, 90% of the house is aluminum wiring and the chances of these wires causing fire is way higher than copper.  

We know it’s going to be a lot of work, and it’s going to be expensive.  It’s also going to be messy because the electrician is going to be cutting holes into the wall to pull all the wiring through and then the walls need to patched, which will then need mud and sanding…oh and no we still haven’t received a quote from the electrician yet… Maybe today will be the day.  They need to start as soon as we get possession which is at the end of the month… Yes that’s only 10 days only days away….

I called a family friend yesterday because he does renovations and we were going to ask him to help us patch up all the holes the electrician makes and paint the house.  Kent and I just don’t have the time to do it and we trust this man, he’s helped us with other renovations projects in my chicldhood home.  He’s also watched me grow up so my family has known him a long time.

But as I’m talking to him and breaking down the timelines I start to get even more worried because he mentions that old houses will probably have ‘plastor/cement’ walls? And if electricians aren’t careful they can crack the wall… And do we really need to update the wiring?  It’s actually livable with aluminum, the risk is minimal and we just need to update the panel etc..

But then my brain asks, is it really minimal???

He goes on to ask ‘When are you moving’?

Second week of September, it’s the only weekend we’re available.

Oh well I won’t be able to finish the painting and patching by then… 

That’s ok because we planned on living in a bit of construction because Kent won’t have time to move later, he starts school again the following week.

But everything will be dusty, there’s lots of cleaning, all your stuff will be dusty and it’s easier to paint without all your stuff around…

Oh well…..can you still help then?  Maybe I’ll see if we can move a bit later… But we’ve booked everything….

Oh ya sure, I can still help as long as you guys are ok and don’t care about all the dust…

Anyways the conversation ends soon after this.  I’m already anxious and now My mind has basically exploded!!! Yup brain parts all over and I’ve gone ballistic on Kent…

So when Kent came home I’m going bonkers and asking a million questions assuming he’ll have an answer… And of course he doesn’t, he’s not in construction but he knows bits and pieces.  Regardless, he can’t answer all my questions of should we re-wire? Maybe? Will the wall crack? Maybe… Can we live in this? Sure we said we could before…Should we move later? No.. I’ll be too busy… And push the repeat button for about 20 minutes or so…and that was me going ballistic and bonkers.

The he asks… Why are you so stressed and axious? I’m not.  Just stick to the plan. It’ll be fine.

So what’s the title of my blog? Just stick to the plan and it SHOULD turn out the way you’ve expected or planned it to turn out…it’s never perfect and yes I do understand there may be surprises but if you stick to the plan you don’t pester your husband with questions…and drive him nuts after a long day of work.  It really was long he had to drive down to Everette Washington today… That means crossing the boarder and driving 2.5-3.5 hours depending on traffic.

So Anxious


For the past two weeks my husband and I have been waiting for our electrical quote to re-wire the house.  Apparently, 90% of the house is old aluminum wiring, which isn’t a great heat conductor and can cause fire.  Even though the old push buttons are cute and ‘historical’ we’re not going to risk our house or our lives so we’re switching out the old and putting in the new…..

Two electricians came at the end of July to do their inspections.  One had given us a crazy quote with no break down, so we’re assuming they’re too busy and want to scare us away… The other guy was on vacation for a week and was supposed to get back to us this week…. It is now end of day Wednesday and still nothing!!! My husband had called twice…. I’m ready to go balistic!!!! 

I’m also just generally antsy due to the move and packing and work stress.


Pressure is on


It’s been a quiet month at work, but things are picking up again.  Council will be back soon and reports are due Friday.  Some say they work well under pressure,  some say they crack.  I’m a bit of both depending on the type of pressure…. 

I have to complete two reports by Friday and one of them is very important to me and yet that’s the report I have the most trouble witting.  I’m too invested now, it’s so hard to step back to look at the big picture again… I’m feeling the cracking and barely holding myself together with this pressure.  Sure you can look cool and calm in the outside but I basically have a tornado swooshing around on the inside…. 

How well do you work under pressure?

The Importance of Knowing Your Blog’s Genre.

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Great advice for lifestyle bloggers!

Ordinary Adventures

Hello there readers!

Ever since my Q&A last week, this topic has been racing through my mind. I was planning on publishing this idea quite some time ago, but I wanted to buckle down and really put the effort and consideration in that this post deserves.

One reoccurring question I ran into a lot last week was bloggers asking for ideas to better their own blogs. I loved this, because I got to check out some lovely blogs and it was fun going through my own knowledge and creating ideas of how I could actually help. I wish I could do that everyday, but it’s extremely time consuming. I truly try my best to scour and look into all the site’s details and give the best advice I can concoct.

As I was combing through those blogs though, I realized one major hiccup in my plan to help. Not every blog that asked…

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More Action and Less Talk Might Be the Order of the Day


Great advice!


Everyone seems to desire followers. Advertisers, bloggers, religions are a few that quickly come to mind. I ask myself these challenging questions daily: What personality traits do you possess that make people want to be around you?  What habits do you practice that make people want to follow your example? What are you doing in your life that would make someone follow your lead?

neurolove.me neurolove.me

So often we expect people to follow because we say so or we think we are a great person to emulate or we claim to know the right way. Follow my religion.  Follow my example.  Follow my viewpoint.  Follow my lead.  Follow my group.  But seriously, have you stopped and taken inventory and honestly assessed the traits and habits that you practice in your life that would warrant someone following you?

When I think of this concept my mind goes to religion (a topic I…

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