Before Alli was born I asked a tons of moms about their strollers and what they preferred.  The three most important things that moms always said:

  • Light weight because you’re constantly carrying it around, in our of the trunk and you need to take care of your back
  • Versatility.  I want my baby to be able to look at me, have an infant carrier attachment possibility, easy to take anywhere
  • Quality.  Sure you can purchase a less expensive stroller, but will it outlast your baby?  If you don’t have to try to get least a mid range stroller.
  • And the rest is preference, and what you use the stroller for.

With these things in mind I also needed to ask myself what my day to day would be like and what makes the most sense for both my husband and myself.

We have a dog, our beloved crazy Charlie, and my husband likes to go for jogs with him from time to time, and I would like him to be able to take Alli with him too, so a jogger was first on our list. I don’t jog much, but I do enjoy taking charlie to the park and the terrrain is always a mix.. so I needed good wheels and good suspension and a jogger did fit these two top preferences.

I asked close friends what types of strollers they have and why they love and hate them.  Top two strollers people generally loved were their versatile strollers that they can snap whichever attachment and off they go…some brands that always came up (peg-perego, uppababy, bugaboo baby etc.) The second was a tri-wheel stroller.  Not all three wheels are joggers, some brands: (baby jogger, Bob, mountain buggy etc).

The best thing we did was go to a baby store and test out the strollers.  My husband doesn’t like to spend extra money on the bells and whistles when you can pay $x for everything you need.  So a few of the $800-$1000 strollers were definitely out of the running for us. 

We figured we already made up our mind that we wanted a tri-wheel stroller for manuverabilty, and after pushing around all the strollers in the store, we settled on a jogger! To be honest we probabaly had made up our minds about that before entering but I wanted to make sure we tried out other strollers.

We ended up with a BOB Revolution.  We bought the 2015 model since it was on sale. I also love the BOB because I had already read a ton of great reviews on it. It also was easy to open and close and not too heavy for me to carry up and down from the trunk of my car.  We do love it because the jogger is super easy to open, the wheels can come off, the wheels are air, so you just need a bike pump when they’re  low on air. However, it is very wide…

So since we’re doing a bit of travelling this summer, I thought it best to also get an umbrella stroller.  After a ton of researching I settled in the Summer Infant 3d Flip.  The biggest reason? Because the seat flips and baby can face me!!! The only other stroller that does this, that I could find, was by Baby Jogger, but it was way too expensive for us to purchase.

I would say this is an average umbrella stroller.  The wheels aren’t plastic, but they aren’t made with amazing rubber either.  Actually, the first one I bought was really tough to open and the canopy had a button that didn’t work. So I went to exchange it for another one.  I’m so glad I did because the second one I could open and close with more ease right away!  The flip seat is amazing and my baby is much happier staring at us than the world at the moment.

The down side about this stroller is that the storage basket is tiny, but it does bother me too much as I can still hang my diaper bag around the handle bars.  The trick is to hang it low after you’ve put baby in the seat.  And since she faces us I have to take off the bag before we unstrap her so no chance of tipping for now!

I also love that the seat can fully recline so that the baby can nap comfortably.  But I did notice hat when she gets older and wants to face outward, the seat isn’t as long, not sure how this will or will not affect our baby.

The cup holder is a JOKE! Other than a 500ml bottle of water I wouldn’t put anything else in it because it’ll most likely tip over.  But honestly that’s out only complaint about it! 

The canopy is massive and protects baby from the sun.  Material is easy to wipe clean and it’s 15lbs in weight.  Not the lightest umbrella stroller, but it has a shoulder strap for short distances is you needed to carry it.  

For a stroller that my husband did not want me to get, even he was happy with it, especially since we took it on our recent Maui trip. He was ecstatic that we did t have to lug the jogger around!  And Alli had lots of great naps in it. If you want to know more about this stroller they have a great you tube video about it.  

Happy Retirement


I had lunch with a coworker last week and found out one of the general managers at my work was retiring.  I didn’t work with him that much, but we did cross paths and he was always kind to me.  

Today was his last day and they had a small gathering for him.  So I went I to work again to say my goodbyes and made him a card because he is a great man and will be missed.  It’s people like him that made a work place tolerable because he listened to you, no matter what position you held and he always remembered your name and the most important thing…he was kind to people and we all know we could all use more kindness in the world.

Happy Retirement Perry.

Moa Po Meh Dai Review


As promised, my review of the Moa Po Meh Dai, for moms who are wondering if they should buy it because there aren’t that many reviews out there (at least not in english as they are based in Montreal).  I’m not sponsored by anyone, I just want to spread the word when I come across a great product that I like.  I’m also going to apologize for my lack of photos because I’m not great at them.

In my last blog, a month ago, I was super excited that my meh dai arrived.  First off, I’m just glad that this is a Canadian company and everything is made in Canada, specially Montreal.  Their website is in french, but you can click on the En at the top right corner to switch it to english.

They ship Canada wide, wrapped in craft paper, in a simple recycable box and when you pull it out, it’s folded beautifully, which I have not been able to do again because now the fabric is used and not flat.  It also comes with a DVD that shows you how to wear your baby in multiple ways.


I love that they use modern fabric, which suits my style more.  They change up their fabric all the time too so you can always get unique looks.  The fabric they use is 100% organic cotton and the dyes are environmentally friendly.  You can read all about it on their site.

Its super light weight because it’s just fabric, which is the major reason why I bought a meh dai, for travelling.  But I find this is my go to carrier even though I have a structured carrier as well. The straps that go over your shoulder are wider and slightly padded for more comfort.  The straps that tie around your wait are shorter than the top two straps for wearing purposes.

So far I’ve only worn my 5 month old baby in the front because I’m usually by myself and  don’t have anyone to help me wear her on my back yet.  I’ve worn my daughter for 2 hours in this and it’s still comfortable, as long as I tie her properly.  She also loves sleeping in it.

The meh dai also has a head support flap that you can easy use to support the little ones head once they fall asleep.  It’s much easier to use than the snaps on another carrier that I own.

Even though this carrier isn’t structured, I feel well supported and because you cross the straps behind your back, the weight is evenly distributed and my baby is secure in the pocket.

For those who are wondering if they should get it, I give it two thumbs up 🙂


The world of BabyWearing


When we found out that we were expecting, I knew 100% that I was buying an ergo360.  For those of you who don’t know, Ergo is a brand of baby carriers and and the ergo360 means that you can carry your baby 4 different ways – front facing you, front facing forward, on your hip and on your back.

The reason why I knew I wanted one was because everyone had one! It was a no brainer for me.  So for months before my due date I would scour the internet for sales and kept a watchful eye on all the babystore newsletters I’ve signed up for and for a deal on  I bought one from in the end.

When baby A arrived, I didn’t use it right away… I gave her at least a few weeks since she was so tiny.  I was also scared to put her in the big bulky carrier (even though I also bought an infant insert). Of course, eventually I did use it and off we went walking on the few sunny days of winter that we had.

Recently, my husband and I have decided to go to Maui in May.  And I knew I should bring my carrier for walks, or for times Ali doesn’t want to be put down and we need our hands free.  She’s also getting bigger so just holding her with sheer arm strength is tiring to say the least.  However, the ergo is a structured carrier, and it’s pretty bulky to take travelling, especially when we already have a ton of other things we need to bring.  I’ve brought the ergo out before locally and it is a pain to pack it with all the Velcro and buckles and pads.

So the lighter and less things that we have to carry the better.  I remembered my coworker taking her 4 month old baby to Europe and she bought a wrap carrier (all fabric) so that she didn’t have to lug around her structured one and because it was lighter it wasn’t so bad to bring around.  Brilliant!  So my hunt began for a wrap.

After a quick search…stretchy wraps came up quickly for light weight baby carriers… I wish someone would’ve told me about these before I gave birth because I bought one recently (daughter is on the smaller side) and I LOVE IT!!! I didn’t even get a fancy expensive one because I know I’ll outgrow it pretty fast (heard it starts hurting the back around 15/20 lbs and she’s almost 12lbs….) so I got the Maman Kangourou wrap because it was on sale at Babies R Us.

However, these wraps make you hot very quickly because you wrap it around your body a couple of times, which creates more layers.  They’re great for the fall/winter/spring baby wearing, but we’re going to a tropical place.  So it’s going to be hot.  Plus we have the ergo, which is quite thick as well and keeps baby warm.

A lot of moms recommended a gauze fabric or special woven wraps for the summer.  But after looking at a few YouTube videos about how to put one on…it was too intimidating.  Then I saw a term in the babywearing forum that said ‘mai tai’ or more traditionally spelled ‘meh dai’ in Cantonese.  That sounded familar to me, I remember my aunt using one on my younger cousins.  It’s a traditional Chinese way of baby wearing.  Traditional meh dai’s are sewn with a rectangular piece of cloth and four straps.  Current ones also have four straps, but are made with more comfort in mind.

So I started googling again to see if I can find any local brands or local baby stores that would sell them so I can try it out.  I could’ve also joined the babywearing lending library, but for those who know me. …I get super obsessed with something and I needed that item yesterday! So I couldn’t find any store that I could test out a modern mei dai, and I was too cheap to pay for the lending library to try out a meh dai…so I just decided to read as many reviews as I could and just dive right in and purchase one.

I found a couple of brands that weren’t overly expensive. (Oh that was the other thing about woven wraps, they’re crazy expensive because they’re hand woven!  Crazy expensive as in a used one could still cost $300 to purchase! A little too rich for my blood).  One brand was from a bigger American company, but the other brand was from Montreal.  Made in Canada, with Canadian pricing and free shipping if you spend over a certain amount! BONUS because their meh Dai’s reached that $ for free shipping.  They’re called Moa Po (website:  Another great thing about this online store was that they had fun modern fabrics and if you buy directly from them it’s at least $20 -$30 cdn cheaper that other online stores.  So unless you absolutely want a specific fabric that’s not available on the Moa Po website and only available somewhere else… fine.  Otherwise always buy direct, it’s cheaper!  I’ll review the actual meh dai in another post as I didn’t find that many reviews out there for Moa Po and I want to promote made in Canada, and I’m not getting paid anything for this.  Trust me. I’m just sharing  my mommy experience and great products that worked for me!

Until next time!

My Valentine


We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year since it was on a Tuesday and Hubby is having a busy week.  He heard about this great German place downtown called Bauhaus that he really wanted to try, so we did.
Its been awhile since we went on a nice dinner together.  So we ordered the 6 course tasting menu.  It was absolutely amazing!  If you’re ever in Vancouver go check out Bauhaus!

Here are some courses that I took photos of on my phone.

The Radleys


I started this book sometime last year and was reading it on and off until I finally finished the rest of the book last night.  

I bought this book at Costco because it’s a great place to get some top selling books for a good price.  I have a slight facination with vampires so when I read the synopsis and it was about a vampire family I was intrigued.  

I must say, this isn’t your typical vampire book.  It’s definitely not a twilight type of series either. (Side note, I only read the twilight series because of its popularity, not because it was an ‘amazing’ read because it wasn’t).  So it’s definitely different in that aspect.  

I usually read for pure entertainment, as do most people I would assume?  If a book doesn’t grab my attention in he first few chapters, I don’t go back to it.  This book doesn’t have traditional chapters, but people’s perspectives.  It did take a while for me to get into the book, but I stuck it out and halfway through I couldn’t put it down.

The book is basically about a family of vampires, but the mom and dad has never told their teenage kids that they’re vampires.  So by abstaining from blood, the family gets these weird depression like symptoms.  

One night the daughter is at a party and an incident happens where the secret is revealed.  They bring in a wild brother in law, who is in love with the wife and the rest of book is basically about protecting the daughter and their secret, but also discovering what it means to be a vampire etc.

The storyline is intriguing and eventually draws you into don’t give up too fast if you decide to read it.  The author has a sense of humour, but I don’t always follow it (maybe because it’s British humour? And I’m not British?) and I’m not going to lie, I did skim some of the areas where I thought the information wasn’t nesseccary to tell a good story. I tend to do this a lot and I don’t find that miss anything important in the story and makes my reading experience better because I’m not bored!

It’s a light read and offers a different type of vampire plot line.  So for people who are die hard traditional vampire book lovers, maybe this isn’t for you…. but if you’re looking for a light fun read, give it a try.  It’s not all about vampirism.  It’s about family and sticking together, with a weird twist and secrets.

I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars because it wasn’t amazing, but I did really enjoy the second half of the book so it didn’t bomb either.

The Worst Mascara


I usually don’t comment on the products that I use because ….to each their own and everyone has their preferences for different products.  Also, everyone has a different skin type and certainchemical balance that works with certain products.  
Sure, looking beautiful is over rated thanks to our vast entertainment world.  We do it to ourselves though.  We continue to watch the shows/movies read the glossy magazines… but I to have bought into the fad diets…  I’ll can also admit that I’ve spent a lot of money to try to be my beautiful… I still spend money  to try to be my beautiful….ok fine, Maybe I don’t try AS hard now that I’m married and have a wonderful husband who loves me for me and not my makeup….

But I still try to be presentable.  

Especially in public.  I have horrible skin. I’ve had acne all my life and I can thank my mom for that, so I cover up a lot.  (Poor Alli, I already know she’s going to have bad skin like her parents, but I’m going to try my hardest to try to help her solve the problem rather than just covering it up like me).  I’ve scaled back a lot on the makeup because now I feel like less is more.  I try to enhance my natural features like my round cheeks and full lips and long eye lashes! 

Which brings me to the point of the blog… mascara.  I don’t have a favourite mascara even though I’ve tried many different brands.  When I have more money in my account I’ll splurge on the ‘expensive’ mascara $30+ and when we’re trying to save money ,like now that I’m in maternity leave and not making any money, I’ll get whatever appeals to me at the drug store.  

So I was at London Drugs (a western Canadian very local, one of my absolutely favourite, drug store) last week and looking for a new mascara.  I couldn’ve just bought what was working previously, but I like trying new things.  And I haven’t tried this brand of mascara before, Marcelle,  so I bought it.

Upon opening, I knew it wasn’t going to be great because the mascara was really thick and goopy… like it was really old…but then I put it on anyways because maybe that’s normal?  Well, its not normal because as I suspected, it clumps! And the worst part…. it smudges too!  So it checked all the worst things that no girl wants in a mascara! Hence, the worst mascara I’ve ever bought.  Not impressed at all… it took me another week to be able to go back out to get a new mascara one that has worked before.

Has anyone else used this brand of mascara? Have you have the same results as I did? This is going in the garbage! Although I should ask the drug store if I can get my money back….