You know as kids, we grow up learning we shouldn’t talk to strangers.  As young adults, we’re fearless and just ignore everyone.  As adults, we’re weary of what strangers want with us when they approach because we’re always hearing horror stories in the news about bad things happening….but sometimes a stranger just needs help.  They just need some directions because they’re lost…

Interesting thing happened tonight.  Since I’ve been pregnant it’s been harder to walk Charlie everyday.  I get tired easily and I just don’t have the energy.  My husband has been doing most of the walking, but he’s been super busy himself this weekend and doing a lot of the chores and has a very demanding job too so I thought I can try walking Charlie more on the nights that I can.

I came home today with some extra energy and thought I could use a good walk with Charlie tonight.  So I had a quick dinner and went walking right after, especially since it’s that time of the year when it’s getting late.

Near the end of my walk, as I’m crossing the street listening to my podcasts, I hear someone yelling ‘excuse me! Excuse me! I pause, turn around and this young girl is running after me.  

Before I can even ask her what’s wrong she’s on the brink of tears saying: Please can you help me? I’m not from here, I’m lost, I don’t know where I am, my friends gave me address and I’m from Brazil and I can’t find her apartment and I’m scared, please can you help me? I don’t know where I am.

Me: it’s ok, I’ll help you find the apartment, what’s her address?  

Girl: I think I have the wrong address, I called her and she said she doesn’t know where I am because I told her I see yellow houses.

Me: it’s ok we’ll find you’re friends house.  Do you have the address? Show me and maybe we can start there and figure out where your friend lives

She scrolls through her phone, and shows me the address.  I had a hunch it was in Vancouver, but there is the same street name in New Westminster too.  So she must’ve not realized that when she looked up directions she accidentally searched for New Westminster City instead of Vancouver.

Me: oh sweetie, Your friend lives in Vancouver doesn’t she?

Girl: yes I think so, I’m from north Vancouver I travelled 1.5 hours already! iPhone maps says she’s 30 min by car away! I don’t know how to get to her now.  Where am I? 

Me: you’re in New Westminster.  Two cities away and yes, pretty far away from your friend.  It’s ok.  Did you drive? Take transit?

Girl: no, I didn’t drive. I took transit.

Me: ok let’s get you nearest skytrain station because that’ll get you back to Vancouver and then you can take the bus to your friends place.

Girl: thank you thank you! I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t help me!  I asked another lady and she was so mean.  She wouldn’t help me and just said ahe couldn’t do anything for me.

Me: it’s ok. You’re just lost and I’m just giving directions. 

Her data was going wonky so, I took out my phone and showed her the transit route she needed to take to get to her friends.  In the end, her friend called and said she’ll pick her up at a skytrain station once she arrived back in Vancouver.  So I pointed her down the right street…

Me: walk down this hill about 15 min.  Don’t think you’re lost, because you’re going to walk through a park, and then there will be a. If road, cross the street and go down the steep hill.  The station is close to the water so keep walking until you see it ok?  Don’t worry this street will take you ther ok?

Girl: ok! Thank you so much! I don’t k ow what I’d do if you didn’t help me!

Me: oh don’t worry. I hope you get to your friends house safely!

And we parted ways and I went home.  I always believe that everything happens for a reason and tonight I had the energy to walk Charlie and to help a stranger from Brazil find her way to a skytrain station to get to her friends house in Vancouver.  I hope she makes it safely back to Vancouver and finds her way.

So, now that I’m starting my journey into parenthood, I do have more of an urge to help people.  Because I keep on thinking if that was my daughter, I would like someone to help her find her way and not feel scared and alone in a city she’s never even heard of.

Until next time!


After 4 years…


On September 08, 2012 I married my best friend ☺️.  We never did get a videographer because it’s so expensive.  So that’s why we just hired amazing photographers, Pure Souls.  For those who don’t know, I like crafting, specially paper crafting, like making cards and scrapbooking.  

So for our wedding, I handmade save the date cards, I handmade all the invitations, I scrapbooked out engagement photos as our guestbookand I also handmade the party favours boxes for our 180 guests… so you can imagine that I need a bit of a break… I chase a few pages, but then put everything on hold.  Until now… I finally got the urge to paper craft again. 

Maybe it’s the baby hormones,  maybe it’s because I want to scrapbook my baby book in a few months and felt that I needed to finish my wedding book before I started a baby book…. Regardless, I’ve been scrapbooking these past couple of weeks and it feels good to pick up my hobby again ☺️. 

I used to think more is better.. but now I feel like keeping it simple is the best ☺️.  So I used to be a Stampin Up! Demonstrator so almost all the materials I use is from them…and they’ve teamed up with Project Life to have these awesome divided 12×12 scrapbook pages.  They’re awesome.

So here’s what I’ve been working on 😁

Prenatal Class


My husband and I attended an all day prenatal class today and I’m not going to lie, it was a long day.  When I told a few of my coworkers and friends that I’ve signed up, those who were parents, they said “Sylvia you don’t really need it, you can find all that information online or you’ll forget everything.”  I still signed up because I didn’t think it would hurt to go.  It costs $140 for the 9am-4pm class. 

I don’t want to say I regret going because I did learn some things, however, I don’t think it needed to be the full 6 hours (we had a few breaks) of classroom information.  The instructor was very nice and it was informative, especially the Facts about labour… But I think half the other narratives can be cut out…

We also went home with a book of information that we now should read through…. It was an experience I guess, I just wished it didn’t take up most of my day!

Spoiled Baby


So yesterday I showed you guys the party favours that I made for all my guests to the baby shower.  Today, I’m going to share some of the wonderful pictures of my guests and some of the gifts that they have given me!  First of all….I want to thank my cousin Ellen again for hosting a very successful baby shower🙂  I also want to thank Kent’s best friend Brian who took all the photos below for us!


We started the afternoon off with eating a lot of food, veggies and hummus, chips and salsa, banh mi (vietnamese subs, which I also call namwiches), spanakopitas, pizza bagel bites, salad, croissant sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, creme caramel, and danishes! yum yum!


That’s my mother in law at the end of the table🙂  She made delicious cupcakes, which everyone raved about, and coconut oatmeal cookies (my all time favourite cookies).  Not only did she bake, my mother in law and sister in law and friend in tow, came early to help set up because my cousin had her little guy to take care of and couldn’t come early enough.  They helped me set up, chop veggies, put food out, helped Ellen host the party and boil water for tea, and in the end also helped wash dishes and clean up!  What an amazing family I have🙂

We played the “guess how big my belly is” game with some string and my coworker Amber was the winner! She got a box of yummy David’s Tea.  Another coworker of mine pulled enough string to double my belly! lol that was pretty funny though.


Time for some presents!


Kent’s Aunt Marlene knitted baby Adamson a beautiful pink dress.  She has unbelievable knitting skills! All I can knit are scarves and blankets!  I need to start taking more knitting lessons.


My sister in law, Claire go us receiving blankets and a beautiful sheep mobile for the baby.


This is my excited reaction opening my mother in laws gift of hand knit booties in various sizes!  They’re so cute!  Maybe I’ll take some more photos and show you guys all up close and personal some of the great gifts we got!


If you can read the bib in right hand, it says “My Aunt is Hot and Single” LOL my Father in law picked that out for baby Adamson, as my Sister in Law is pretending not to be embarrassed in the background and she’s typing out all the gifts i received.  In my left hand, it’s a sweater and toque and my mother in law knitted for baby, with matching booties! oh and the Playard will come in SUPER handy🙂


Another amazing handmade crochet gift is from mom’s friend Margaret.  What a beautiful baby blanket! I’m absolutely amazed and awed at how beautiful this blanket is.  Baby Adamson will be nice and warm this winter and many winters to come!


I work with these wonderful women in the above photo and together they got me a whole bunch of little things that I’m so excited to use when baby comes!  Is it weird that I’m super excited about the skip hop stroller organizer? I can’t wait to take the baby out and put a bottle of water or Starbucks cup in it because it’s all about the accessories!  I mean it’s all about the baby🙂


Here’s Brian, our photographer, his beautiful wife Eva and daughter Rachel.  They got us something that I know I’ll be using for winters to come, a humidifier! Yes this is the second ‘sheep’ item I received.  I did think about a ‘sheep’ theme, but it was really just a cute baby animal that I like.


I really wanted to show everyone this great present that my awesome friend Laurie put together for me, which is a diaper cupcake!  She decided to make this for me because a number of years ago we built our first diaper cake together for a friend’s baby, which was quite an experience and super fun.  It actually turned out really good, at least we thought so🙂 The cupcake is amazing and she’s so creative and thoughtful for making it for me.

Here’s a closer look at it, but I’ve opened it because she had a bunch of goodies stuffed inside it so the wrap is gone and the cupcake is a bit lopsided now… and the photo isn’t great because it was taken from my phone and not on Brian’s fancy camera.

After presents,  we played another game that Ellen had planned, which was matching the name of the baby animals to the actual animal.  I royally sucked because I only got 8 right.  Megan, one of my family friends daughter, got 18 out of 20 right!! That’s amazing!  The public school system has not let us down and I feel like I need to go back to school to learn these things lol.


I didn’t post all photos as there were over 50, but I just wanted to say what a wonderful baby shower! Kent and I are so grateful for all the gifts and baby Adamson will sure be one spoiled little baby girl!

Until Next time!

Mrs. A



Baby Shower Party Favours


So yesterday my cousin threw me a baby shower. It took place in my home so it wasn’t a surprise.  We also had it at my house so that for those who haven’t visited could see our new home.  And it was essentially more central for most people.

So my cousin had the idea of the party favours, but since I like being crafty and wanted to make sure the favours were spruced up… I did put them together ☺️ I made about 3 dozen of them.

  I hope everyone enjoyed them!

Until next time.

Mrs. A

Maternity Clothes


So my cousin was pregnant in 2014 and had baby H on Dec.31 2014.  So when I became pregnant spring of this year, I borrowed a lot of her maternity clothes.  Lucky me I’m only a teeny bit more curvy than she is and didn’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe and fit most of her stuff. 

But I do love to shop, and still bought a few things.  One of the many things I didn’t buy were maternity dress pants… Well until today.  This morning when I got up to get dressed I didn’t realize that I may have outgrown a pair of dress pants until I was at work… Constantly pulling up my pants!

It was quite embarrassing actually because 

  1. I didn’t realize that I’ve actually outgrown pants….and am horrified at myself and that even though I know it’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy it really messes with my mind and body image issues.  I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my body and weight and I know people know what I’m talking about… Struggle is real… But since I’m pregnant I’m not supposed to be worried about it… But I am and it sucks and it’s embarrassing that I should care this much about my body image issues when I’m growing another human being in my body!
  2. This happened at work where every step I take is uncomfortable because I feel like I have to hold up my pants due to the fact that since I’ve out grown my pants they want to slide down my butt…..and probably walking funny as I’m trying to hold my thighs tight together to keep them falling further….
  3. Did I mention I was constantly pulling my pants up?!?

Thank goodness I work close to a mall and went there during my lunch break and bought a new pair of maternity pants.  And thank goodness that good ol’ Old Navy was having a 40% off sale on….. Drum Roll please…. Maternity Pants!!!!!   What great timing and they were polka dot pixie cut so they matched my style and I didn’t have to hem them

What happens in a year


Wow a lot of things can happen in a year. And I didn’t realize that it had been just over a year since my last post.

Last time I wrote something was about our house electrical upgrade.  Well it happened!  We upgraded all the wires and the house is safe.  It took three times as long as they had quoted us to get the job done.  But they did do a good job.  Sad part is, we found out the electrical company we used went out of business.  Our electrician was great, but I guess his boss wasn’t much of a business man though.

Moving along….Let’s see… Last October some of my coworkers and I dressed up like dominos….not sure if we can find another easy group costume to pull off this year…

Christmas was quiet at home…and I put up a tree, garland on the stairs and decorated the fireplace of our new house.   It was cozy:). I also got a wreath for the door but can’t find a picture to post now…To maximize my Christmas decorations and because I love Christmas and the decorations because it’s so feastive, I started decorating the first week of November lol!  And it looks simple, but it’s still a lot of work to pull out the decorations and put them up.  This year we’re going to try and put some lights up outside the house too.

We had a small gathering of family and friends for New Year’s Eve as a house warming, but it wasn’t really a New Year’s Eve party because no one made it past 12 lol.

The New Year was hectic at work as a lot of things were changing… We got a new manager, I took on a lot of respinsibilities…. And hubby was finishing up is MBA….

Once he finished his MBA program in April we travelled to South Korea and Japan for 3 weeks ☺️✌️🇰🇷 🇯🇵

On the day I got back to work, May 12…my coworkers and I found out that we lost a young colleague unexpectedly the night before….. And we’re still grieving from it because he was not only a colleague he was our friend and we’re all still trying to cope without him because he was such a valued member of our team.  We miss him dearly….

Kent’s convocation was in June  And I’m so proud of him for working so hard for 20 months to get his MBA! It’s hard work and it was trying, but we both got through it as it was worth it. 

Charlie had lots of play dates and outings this summer and very happy as usual 

We got some patio lights for the yard ☺️ and we love them!  Now if only mosquitos didn’t exist….. I would be outside in the evening all summer long!  Yes that’s a hot tub you see, but it doesn’t work and we need to get rid of it.  It’s also a pain to maintain!

Summer went by very fast…..and I’ve been slowly and surely gaining a bit of weight…. Because fast  forward to today…..I’m 29.5 weeks pregnant!!  We’re growing our little family 😁 and super excited to meet baby Adamson!

Well… Until next time!  Let’s hope it’s not another year ☺️